Billy Whitman

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Name Billy Whitman
Actor Burkely Duffield
Dates  ???? – 2019 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Beaverdale, Iowa
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 15.04 Atomic Monsters


Billy was a lacrosse player in Beaverdale, Iowa, who dreamed of going to Yale University. Under unknown circumstances, he was attacked by and turned into a vampire and accidentally killed his girlfriend Susie after falling victim to his bloodlust.


15.04 Atomic Monsters

While Billy is talking with Veronica in the school gym, Billy's mother interrupts them calling for Billy. When they arrive at their home, Billy tells his mother how she embarrassed him, and after learning they attempted to stop the memorial for his game, calls them insane and tells his parents he doesn't want anything from them.

With the arrival of the Winchesters to the Whitmans', Henry tells Billy to go upstairs. Billy comes back down a few minutes later, to see his mother holding a gun on the Winchesters, who believe Henry to be a vampire. Sam suddenly realizes that Billy was the one who was turned. Billy confesses about killing his girlfriend Susie, due to losing control of his bloodlust. When Janet suggests they just kill the Winchesters and bury them in the backyard, Billy tells his mother that he will kill again and that he is a monster. He then comes up with a plan for his parents to call the police and tell them he kidnapped Tori and ran away. He then looks to Sam and Dean and tells them they will then go for a ride together.

Billy and the Winchesters take a ride in the Impala to a wooded clearing, where a tearful Billy kneels before Dean, who cuts his head off with a machete.