Black Bill

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Black Bill
Powers and Abilities None
Vulnerabilities Normal human weaknesses
Appearance Man in a goat head mask
Episode(s) 12.18 The Memory Remains


Black Bill (originally known as Black William) was a folk tale created by the Bishop family in the town of Tomahawk, Wisconsin, in 1898. The Bishop family patriarchs would don a black goat's head and abduct people to sacrifice to the god Moloch, to ensure the family's wealth.


12.18 The Memory Remains

After learning about the Bishop family secret regarding the binding of Moloch, Pete Garfinkle takes up the mantle of Black Bill twenty years later and begins once again performing sacrifices in the name of Moloch.

Black Bill's first sacrifice after twenty years is a young man by the name of Jarrod Hayes, who worked for Pete at the Billhook Premium Quality Meats packing plant. As he is leaving a party in the woods, Jarrod is trapped and bound to a tree. When his friend Daryn Boston hears his screams for help, he witnesses Black Bill striking Jarrod in the head with a hammer, before turning his attention to Daryn.


  • Bill Nickolai portrayed Black Bill under the mask for the episode.