Goblet of Blood

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Goblet of Blood

How long's it take to transfer a demonic phone call?

Sam Winchester, 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait


The goblet of blood is a communication device for supernatural beings. It is primarily used for communication between demons but the demon Brady uses a goblet to communicate with the Horseman of Pestilence and the angel Virgil also used this method as a last ditch attempt to contact the archangel Raphael. This method of communication is very effective and appears infallible. It can work over large distances, and even through different dimensions, such as from Earth to Hell. As a magical object, it still functions even when used in an alternate reality where magic does not exist as shown in 6.15 The French Mistake.

Methods of Use

  • The same design of goblet is used by Meg, Duane, Brady and Channing. It is silver, maybe 6-8 inches in diameter and has grotesque faces in relief around it.
  • The goblet is operated by filling it with fresh human blood and reciting one of various Latin incantations.
  • A simple bowl can also be used to make these demonic phone calls.
  • This can also be done by simply using one's hand in an emergency as shown in 8.23 Sacrifice.


1.11 Scarecrow

Meg talks to the Demon at the end of 1.11 Scarecrow.

At the end of the episode Meg kills a driver who has picked her up and uses the goblet, starting with the incantation "Tire quiero patem me a di" as she swirls the blood with her finger.

We then hear her side of a conversation with someone:

Meg: It makes no sense. I could’ve stopped Sam. Hell, I could’ve taken them both. Why let them go?... Yes... Yes... Yes, father.

1.16 Shadow

Meg's altar showing the goblet of blood and Zoroastrian symbols.

Meg has a goblet of blood on the altar she uses to control the daevas. We hear her speak to the Demon through the goblet, while Sam secretly observes her:

Meg: I don’t think you should come... Because the brothers, they’re in town, I didn’t know that... Yes, sir... Yes, I’ll be here, waiting for you.

It's later revealed that she pretended to call The Demon, using it to lure Sam and Dean to the warehouse and use them as bait for John Winchester.

2.09 Croatoan

Duane Tanner calls the Yellow-Eyed Demon after the "Croatoan" experiment is over.

Duane Tanner is leaving town and slashes Sarge's throat and uses the goblet to reports that "It's over, you'll be pleased. I don't think any more tests are necessary. The Winchester boy, definitely immune, as expected. Yes, of course. Nothing left behind."

4.22 Lucifer Rising

Lilith being passed the goblet while preparing to raise Lucifer.

Lilith is passed the goblet of blood by a demon.

5.20 The Devil You Know

Brady talks to Pestilence.

Brady uses the goblet of blood to call Pestilence.

Brady: Sir, great news on the vaccine trails the results have been... really quite grotesque I think you'll be pleased. Distribution on this scale --I mean, we do need some humans. We can't possess them all. And don't even get me started on the teamsters. I... I know, I'm doing my best... Yes sir, The best of someone better. I will, of course.

6.15 The French Mistake

Virgil kills Misha and uses his blood in order to contact Raphael and arrange extraction from the alternate universe.

6.20 The Man Who Would Be King

Ellsworth and his bank of goblets.

Ellsworth, Crowley's dispatcher, uses multiple goblets to speak to his demon hunters.

8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin

The demon possessing Channing kills Channing's roommate and uses the goblet of blood to communicate with Crowley. She speaks the words "Inferni clamavi ad te regem sermonos meos," which means "I have cried to thee king of hell at my word." She tells Crowley that while Kevin Tran hasn't shown up, the Winchesters are looking for him, and that Dean has returned from Purgatory.

8.23 Sacrifice

Crowley's makeshift blood goblet.

While trapped by Sam, Crowley bites him to get his blood in order to make a makeshift communications device similar to the goblet of blood and call for help. He says "Inferni sectatores, nunc audite regem" which means "Hell followers, now hear the king." However, instead of help arriving, Abaddon comes to kill Crowley and take over Hell.

9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

Crowley making his phone call in the Bunker.

Crowley makes a deal with Sam and Kevin: let him call Abaddon with a goblet of blood and he will help them translate the angel tablet's footnotes referring to Metatron's spell as he understands how to read Elamite. Crowley refuses to let Sam use his blood, wanting Kevin to use his for the goblet, which he reluctantly offers. Crowley contacts Hell and asks to be connected to Abaddon, but the demon he speaks to couldn't hear him due to a bad connection. Crowley clarifies who he is and what he wants, but the demon puts him on hold. Eventually, Crowley is connected to Abaddon who has killed someone to create her own goblet to communicate. Abaddon is amused by Crowley's call and tells him that she has started to collect souls before their time, voiding Crowley's contracts and doubling on his projections. After the call ends, Crowley holds up his end of the deal and translates the text for Sam and Kevin, though he tells them that the spell is irreversible.

9.10 Road Trip

A dog bowl used for demon communication.

Upon spotting Crowley with Dean and Castiel, an unnamed demon kills a dog, Muffins, and uses its food bowl to make contact with Abaddon.

9.14 Captives

Del using his co-worker to make a blood goblet.

The demon Del slits the throat of his co-worker at Castle Storage - Barry - in order place a call to Crowley. However Del becomes fed up after speaking with Dean about Crowley, and what he has been up to and discards the bowl of blood he has collected.

10.01 Black

While Sam is torturing the crossroads demon Dar, he slices her neck and collects the blood in a cup and demands that she make a call to Crowley, but she tells him no one knows where Crowley went as he won't answer any of their calls.

11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

The aftermath of the orgy.

After escaping Castiel and possessing a suburban housewife, Crowley plans on murdering the people in her home so he can call his minions. When he goes inside he is surprised to find the possessed woman's husband has granted her wish to be in an orgy with their friends for her birthday. After the orgy, dead bodies can be strewn around the living room with a bowel of blood sitting in the middle of the coffee table.