Bonham Walker

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Name Bonham "Gramps" Walker
Actor Mitch Pileggi
Location Austin, Texas
Occupation Rancher
Episode(s) 1.1 Pilot .02 Back in the Saddle 1.03 Bobble Head 1.04 Don't Fence me in 1.06 Bar None 1.08 Fine is a Four Letter Word 1.09 Rule No. 17 1.10 Encore 1.12 A Tale of Two Families 1.13 Defend The Ranch


Bonham Walker, is the father of Cordell Walker, and Liam Walker. He is married to Abeline Walker. He has two grandchildren, Stella Walker, and August Walker. He owns the family ranch. He takes great pride in raising and training horses. Bonham is known for his cutthroat attitude and will speak his mind no matter what. There have been some struggles of late especially when his daughter-in-law, Emily Walker who was tragically murdered. He and his wife assisted with taking care of their grandkids, while Cordell Walker was undercover for about 11 months. Bonham is trying to deal with feelings of love and loss but deep down he will always be a family man.