Brad Redding

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Name Brad Redding
Actor Gary Cole
Dates  ???? - 2007 (killed by Elise Drummond)
Location Hollywood, California
Occupation Producer
Episode(s) 2.18 Hollywood Babylon


Brad Redding is the producer of Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning, which is being filmed during 2.18 Hollywood Babylon. He complains that the film is too dark, and does not understand why ghosts would be afraid of salt. He is also not clear on how ghosts in Hell could hear the incantations summoning them to Earth.

Brad is killed by a ghost summoned by Walter Dixon, and his body, hanging from a noose, is dropped into the set during filming. The ghost that killed him is revealed to be Elise Drummond who died the same way in Stage 9 on January 15, 1932.


  • Brad's complaints about the film are based on feedback Eric Kripke received about Supernatural from executives.