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The band at the Viper Room in June 2011

The Brian Buckely Band is comprised of Brian Buckley (Vocals/Acoustic guitar), Mike McGraw (Lead Guitar), Albert Estiamba, Jr. (Drums) and Krishnan Swaminathan (Bass). Krishnan joined the band in late 2012 after Daniel Bodeman (Bass/Keys) left. They are based in Los Angeles.

Jared was an executive producer on the band's first album "For Her" released in April 2007. Source.

The band performed at Salute to Supernatural San Francisco 2011 on January 15th. Jared said:

"We are just huge fans of Brian and his band and we think he needs to be seen. Supernatural fandom has been so supportive and we know they will love the band as much as we do. In fact, Genevieve and I will be front and center at The San Francisco Concert to join the audience in cheering them on."

Images from Filming

In June 2012, during the hiatus between Seasons 7 and 8, Jared started work with the Brian Buckley Band on a video for their song I Am Human. The video was directed by Sarah Louise Wilson and produced by Natalia Cordova, Brian's wife. Filming wrapped on July 14th.

Convention Appearances