Brian Wilcox

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Name Brian Wilcox
Actor Leigh Parker
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Kate)
Location Washtenaw County, Michigan
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 8.04 Bitten


Brian was a film student in Washtenaw County, Michigan and was the roommate of Michael Wheeler.


8.04 Bitten

When Brian and Michael meet Kate, Brian quickly develops feelings for her despite the fact she starts dating Michael.

After Michael is bitten by a werewolf, and subsequently begin developing his werewolf abilities, Brian begins to envy him even more. He tries to convince Mike to bite him, but he refuses, warning Brian that a werewolf's life is a curse, not a gift.

The two's relationship begins to steadily worsen, with Brian originally filming Mike, and upon learning he had killed someone, begins antagonizing him on it and calling him a monster. Mike snaps and throws Brian across the room in a rage.

Brian manages to track down the werewolf who turned Michael, Professor Ludensky. Using a silver knife and and threatening to expose him, he blackmails him into turning him into a werewolf. He then tips off Sam and Dean that the professor is the werewolf. This leads to the professor's death by their hands.

Upon returning to Mike and Kate as a werewolf, the three get into an argument, resulting in a fight between him and Mike. During the fight, Brian manages to stab Mike with his silver knife, killing him. He turns to Kate and, thinking she will understand if she sees things the same way he does, bites her and turns her into a werewolf. Kate pretends to join him before ambushing him and using her new powers to tear Brian to shreds, thus killing him.

10.04 Paper Moon

After encountering Sam and Dean, Kate defends her killing of Brian as he'd gone crazy. She now keeps a silver knife in case she loses control like Brian, and can kill herself. She credits Brian for this decision.

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