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Name Buddy
Actor Niall Matter
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Madison, Wisconsin
Occupation Shapeshifter
Episode(s) 13.04 The Big Empty


Buddy was a malicious shapeshifter who found enjoyment in hurting others. Buddy didn't just kill people, he would gain pleasure in ruining lives, wishing to see the look on his victim's faces when they realized they had nothing left.

Buddy was the first shifter that Mia Vallens met other than her mother. The two started a relationship until Mia got tired of his abuse to her and other people and left him, which led to Buddy searching for her.


13.04 The Big Empty

Sometime after discovering that Mia has become a grief counselor and is using her shapeshifting abilities to help people gain closure, Buddy begins killing off her patients. He first takes on the form of Erica Bailey, the deceased wife of patient Wes Bailey. When Wes comes home one night, Buddy steps from the shadows as Erica and as he hugs her, Buddy stabs him in the gut with a butcher knife and walks out the front door.

Next he targets Gloria Simon. While driving home one night, her car blows a tire. After calling roadside assistance, she is distracted by the sight of her deceased son Scotty in the back seat. Buddy wastes no time and leaps onto Gloria, ripping her apart.

Buddy removing Dean's face as he shifts his form.

After Mia reveals that she is a shapeshifter, she tells Sam and Dean that Buddy is the probable perpetrator of the murders. While Dean and Jack visit Mia's assistant Tom, to see if he is actually Buddy, Sam goes through her security cam footage, looking for anyone exhibiting eye flares. Sam quickly spots a man named John Driscoll, whom Mia had only taken on a few weeks prior, as a shifter. Sam is able to trace his phone and leaves in an attempt to stop him. Unbeknownst to Sam, Buddy had already killed Driscoll. By the time Sam gets to Driscoll's home and realizes the lead is a bust, Buddy has knocked Dean unconscious and assumed his form. When Jack goes looking for Dean, Buddy knocks him unconscious with a fire poker and handcuffs him along with Dean. Buddy reveals himself to Mia by shifting out of Dean's form. He tells Mia he had never stopped looking for her and voices his resentment in her leaving him and choosing to help people. He goes on to give her an ultimatum: either she shoots Dean and Jack or he will kill her. Buddy, however, becomes distracted by the arrival of Sam and plans to kill him first once he enters into the office. Buddy calls Sam into the office as Dean and takes a shot. Jack, in a moment of desperation, is able to tap into his powers, deflect the bullet, and hit Buddy with a blast of celestial energy, sending him into the wall and allowing Sam to kill him.