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Maya maize god.jpg
Name Cacao
Actor None
Dates Unknown
Location Unknown
Occupation Mayan god
Episode(s) 8.03 Heartache


Cacao, or Kawkaw is a Mayan god. Nearly a thousand years ago he made a deal with Brick Holmes who was at that time known as Inyo, and granted him the power of immortality in return for two sacrifices every year.


Powers and abilities

  • Known ability to grant immortality in return for biannual human heart sacrifices.


8.03 Heartache

Sam and Dean discover, after finding a link between the dead victims and Brick Holmes, that Brick had made a deal with the Mayan god Cacao through a high priest for immortality and peak condition. They also figure out that in return for his new abilities he had to make two sacrifices every year – once for the planting, once for harvest. After Brick's death, his organs were donated to various people -- Arthur Swenson, Paul Hayes, Jimmy Tong, and Randa Moreno -- who continued making biannual sacrifices to Cacao.

After Dean kills Randa, who had been given Brick's heart, Brick's deal with Cacao was terminated, causing Jimmy Tong and Paul Hayes to die as well.

Cacao in Lore

In lore, the Tonsured God of Maize is the god of precious things - maize, jade, and cacao. He can summon lightning and is also the patron of dancing and feasting.