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Powers and Abilities Speed, strength and quick reflexes
Vulnerabilities Any method of killing.
Appearance Humaniod with pale, slimy skin, glowing red eyes and a beaked mandible mouth.
Episode(s) 13.10 Wayward Sisters


The canids are the unnamed humanoid inhabitants of the Bad Place.


The canids are humanoid in appearance, with pale skin, glowing red eyes, three-fingered hands and blue blood. Adorned in tattered cloakes and half face masks covering their mouths, beneath the masks the canids mouth reveals a mandible that when opened reveals a beak with tendrils. Canids are pack creatures and have a strong sense of smell, allowing them to capture their prey's scent and track them. The canids also appear to communicate with each other through a series of clicking noises.


13.10 Wayward Sisters


  • *The creatures from the Bad Place that come through to Sioux Falls were known as "Canids" in the script, but due to the evolution of the creature design from concept to creation, writer Robert Berens felt the name no longer fit and thus the creatures currently remain nameless. The name Canids will be used until they are re-christened.
Concept art for Canids by Post Production Coordinator Mary Manchin
Canid concept art.jpg Canid concept art 2.jpg