Cassie Perez

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Name Cassie Perez
Actor Asheley Reyes
Location Austin, Texas
Occupation Texas Ranger
Episode(s) First appearance 2.10 Nudge


New York born Cassie is a Texas Ranger who was based in Dallas. Her partner Miles was supposedly killed on a case although she suspects he is still alive and has left Dallas to try and track him down.

Season 2

After running into Cordell while they are both looking into a car theft ring, Captain James offers Cassie a job in Austin, as well as the opportunity to continue to investigate her partner's disappearance. At a country fair, she runs into her old boss Fenton who she was already suspicious of due to the rapidity with which he closed Miles's case. The fact that he is now dating Miles' wife only adds to her concerns. Later, Cordell and James track down Miles who is very much alive. He explains that he and Fenton faked his death after the shadowy organization they were investigating threatened his daughter. Miles is sent into witness protection, and bizarrely Fenton kills himself.

Cassie fits in well with the local Rangers and Cordell and his family and friends. She ends up moving into an apartment next to Trey's.