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There have been 4 Supernatural Comic series of 6 issues each. They are all set before the action in the TV series commences, from just after Mary's death, until the time Sam goes to Stanford and feature John, Sam and Dean.

Kripke said of the comics in iF magazine in 2007:

For me a lot of the inspiration for the show came from comic books. I’m a huge fan of Sandman; I’m a huge fan of "Hellbazer". The inspirations from those comics are all over the series. Anyone looking closely would say that character is inspired by the character of Death in "Sandman" or that character is inspired by John Constantine. When the opportunity came to do a comic, I didn’t want it to be crap I wanted it to be good, and this is coming full circle from where the inspiration started. We’ve been very; very involved to make sure that it is something that we can be as proud of as we are of the show.

In order of publication, and chronology, they are:

A number of writers involved with the TV series have also been involved in writing the comics - Rebecca Dessertine, Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin - as well as executive producer Peter Johnson

The Beast with Two Backs was penned by Eric Kripke with Peter Johnston. Released with Rising Son 6 in August 2008, this four page comic It stars the Ghostfacers and humorously pokes fun at the comics and the show, as well as Jared and Jensen.


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