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Cast after wrapping the finale

The Story

Set in the 1970s, the prequel will center on the early life of John and Mary Winchester, with Dean as the narrator. Jensen said of the project:

After Supernatural wrapped its 15th season, we knew it wasn’t over. Because like we say in the show, ‘nothing ever really ends, does it?' When Danneel and I formed Chaos Machine Productions, we knew the first story we wanted to tell was the story of John and Mary Winchester, or rather the Supernatural origin story. I always felt like my character, Dean, would have wanted to know more about his parents’ relationship and how it came to be. So I love the thought of having him take us on this journey.

As to how The Winchesters will tie-in with Supernatural, Jensen explained:

: That’s kind of the exciting thing, in my opinion, is that the waypoints or the tentpoles that were established on the mothership, as we lovingly call it, those will get touched on. But we’ll get to those waypoints in a way that we probably didn’t expect. And that’s what we’re really having fun with is, like, the story is coming together. It’s not the washed version. It’s not the sugar-coated version of how mom and dad met. This is like what really happened.

But we do play into the moments that were discussed and that were talked about, just maybe in a slightly varied way that seems like, ‘Whoa, wait, we knew that happened, but I didn’t know that’s why it happened or that’s how it happened.

At Salute to Supernatural New Jersey 2022 a fan expressed concern about the prequel and Jensen said "Look I'm not some guy who hasn't been a part of Supernatural for 15 years. I'm not some random due that's coming in saying "I've got an idea". This story means a lot to me. There's also an entertainment value that's important to me and Robbie and everybody involved. So we want to service what has been established but we want to get creative in the way that we get there."


  • Filming for Season One is scheduled for July 25 to October 17 2022. Note: this has now been extended. End date tbd
  • 20 May 2022: Meg, Drake, Nida, Jojo and Demetria along with Jensen and Danneel appeared at The CW Upfronts in New York to promote the series and debuted a first look trailer.
  • November 1, 2022 The CW, under new owners Nextstar is not giving a backend pickup to The Winchesters meaning it will only have 13 episodes in Season 1. No news yet on a Season 2 renewal.

Unfortunately after the CW decided not to renew The Winchesters for a second season, no other home could be found for the show. Jensen posted on 3 June 2023 :

To all of you who watched, followed, and supported this story, THANK YOU. And to all those who brought this show to life...I couldn’t be more proud of what we all did together. But as they say...timing is everything. With a massive Network shift coupled with an industry strike…welp…that’s some unfortunate timing. Sleep well dear

@WinchestersOnCW...until we meet again. Somewhere down the road. 🙏🏼


  • Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger have been cast to play Mary Campbell and John Winchester. Mary is 19 and described as having "been fighting the forces of darkness since she was a child. After losing someone close to her, the hardened hunter considers quitting the family business — until her father’s disappearance and the arrival of newcomer John Winchester forces her to lead a new team." John has "recently returned from Vietnam, the selfless and clearheaded John Winchester finds a new mission back home, where traces of his father’s past lead him to a secret organization and a whole new war as a hunter."
  • The first two series regulars have been cast on the Show. Nida Khurshid will play Latika Desai who is "fiercely intelligent and braver than she believes... a young hunter-in-training whose research and problem-solving skills help her face her fears in battling dark forces. Jojo Fleites will portray Carlos Cervantez an "easygoing and confident, Carlos is a natural when it comes to fighting demons and a boost of positivity for the team as it takes on more serious threats."
  • Demetria McKinney has been cast to play Ava who is "a studious and sharp bookstore owner who also takes interest in the mysteries of the occult." Demetria most recently has played Anacostia Quartermain in Motherland: Fort Salem.
  • Bianca Kajlich will play John's mother Millie Winchester. Bianca played Sheriff Machado on Legacies.
  • Bridget Reagan, known for her roles as Posion Ivy in Batwoman and Rose Solano in Jane the Virgin, has joined The Winchesters in a recurring role as DJ Rockin' Roxy is described as broadcasting "a wicked new sound" and having "an electric charm and a rapidly growing fanbase" although apparently not all of her fans are "of the human variety".



Title Promos Director/Writer Air Date Official Synopsis
1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters) Synopsis and promo photos
Promo video
Director: Glen Winter
Writer: Robbie Thompson
October 11 2022 Official Synopsis: When John returns home from fighting in Vietnam, a mysterious encounter sparks a new mission to trace his father’s past. In his journey, he crosses paths with 19-year-old demon hunter Mary, who is also searching for answers after the disappearance of her own father. Together, the two join forces with young hunter-in-training Latika and easygoing hunter Carlos to uncover the hidden truths about both their families. Their investigation leads them to a rare book emporium, whose owner Ada takes an interest to the occult and could provide the missing pieces to their puzzle.
1.02 Teach Your Children Well Synopsis Director: John Showalter
Writers: Robbie Thompson & David H. Goodman
October 18, 2022 Official Synopsis: John and Millie are on different pages about his new interest in hunting and Ada tries to bridge the gap. Mary follows a trail from her father that points to the disappearance of a teenage boy in Topeka. Meanwhile, Carlos has a heart to heart with Mary as Latika dives into her books to identify the monster.
1.03 You're Lost Little Girl Synopsis Director: Claudia Yarmy
Writer: Gabriel Alejandro Garza
October 25, 2022 Official Synopsis: When Mary’s next-door neighbor mysteriously goes missing, she and John start digging into the disappearance. During their investigation, John unexpectedly reunites with someone from his past. Carlos and Ada bond as they stakeout a potential lead for the demon’s partner. Meanwhile, Latika taps into old folklore passed down from her family in hopes it helps Mary and John.
1.04 Masters of War Synopsis and photos Director: Claudia Yarmy
Writer: Gabriel Alejandro Garza
November 1, 2022 Official Synopsis: When Mary’s next-door neighbor mysteriously goes missing, she and John start digging into the disappearance. During their investigation, John unexpectedly reunites with someone from his past. Carlos and Ada bond as they stakeout a potential lead for the demon’s partner. Meanwhile, Latika taps into old folklore passed down from her family in hopes it helps Mary and John.
1.05 Legend of a Mind Synopsis Director: Lisa Soper
Writer: Sehaj Sethi
November 15, 2022, 2021 Official Synopsis: When Mary’s next-door neighbor mysteriously goes missing, she and John start digging into the disappearance. During their investigation, John unexpectedly reunites with someone from his past. Carlos and Ada bond as they stakeout a potential lead for the demon’s partner. Meanwhile, Latika taps into old folklore passed down from her family in hopes it helps Mary and John.
1.06 Art of Dying Synopsis Director: Geary McLeod
Writer: Jess Kardos
November 22, 2022 Official Synopsis: Mary gets a call from an old family friend who’s looking for some help but when the team arrives, they learn that some crucial details were left out. While Latika struggles with being a Hunter and questions her future with it, John’s eagerness, and commitment to the Hunt worries Mary. Carlos finds himself in a situation he’s never experienced before and doesn’t know what to do with himself.
1.07 Reflections Synopsis and promo photos Director: Richard Speight
Writer: David H. Goodman
Robbie Thompson
December 6, 2022 Official Synopsis: The Hunt heats up and Mary and John find trails that lead back to their fathers. Carlos helps Mary investigate where the Akrida might be hiding but they discover more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Millie steps in to help Latika, Ada, and John to decipher notes left behind and they stumble upon a way to get some answers.
1.08 Hang On to Your Life Synopsis and promo photos Director: Amyn Kaderali
Writer: Nic Chatree Sridej
January 24, 2023 Official Synopsis: With some intense emotions still lingering after their high stakes recovery mission, Mary and John stay close to home to watch over a newly-returned Samuel Campbell. When Latika and Carlos split off to investigate the death of a musician, Carlos is forced to face a part of his past he has been avoiding. Millie spends time helping Samuel recover from his injuries and learns a little more about the Men of Letters.
1.09 Cast Your Fate to the Wind Synopsis Director: Kristin Windell
Writer: Rachel Lynett
January 31, 2023 Official Synopsis: When Vampires make their way into Lawrence, Carlos corrals the gang to find out why. Latika’s weeks of sorting through the Men of Letters clubhouse provides vital information when John gets a scary glimpse into the future and enlists Millie’s help with his plan. Meanwhile, Mary struggles with the tedious balance between feelings and action when it comes to John.
1.10 Suspicious Minds Synopsis and promo photos Director: Andi Armaganian
Writer: Gabriel Alejandro Garza
Julia Cooperman
February 7, 2023 Official Synopsis: While Carlos talks through a problem in his personal life, it gives Latika a new idea about how to find the Akrida Queen. Millie’s new security system for the Clubhouse proves helpful when Mary and John find an unexpected guest inside. Meanwhile, Latika’s idea brings her and Carlos face to face with an unexpected ally.
1.11 You've Got a Friend Synopsis Director: Lisa Soper
Writer: Nicole Desperito
February 21, 2023 Official Synopsis: In the aftermath of the fight with Golem, Carlos, Mary and Latika are cleaning the clubhouse when they hear a noise from outside. They creep out to investigate and spot a figure but can’t quite make it out until it turns, and they are shocked to see John standing before them, covered in blood. Meanwhile, Carlos and Latika set out in search of something important.
1.12 The Tears of a Clown Synopsis Director: Menhaj Huda
Writer: David H. Goodman
February 28, 2023 Official Synopsis: Mary and John’s tense discussion is interrupted when Carlos and Latika arrive to discuss a mystery involving a creepy clown. Meanwhile, Ada makes an interesting discovery.
1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye Synopsis Director: John Showalter
Writer: Robbie Thompson
March 7, 2023 Official Synopsis: John receives a message from a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, Carlos, Latika and Ada work together to find answers, but time is running out. Lastly, Mary and John have a warm but awkward reunion. There is a lot to unpack, but they realize this isn’t the time or place.

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Pre-broadcast interviews and articles

The Winchesters news and interviews


  • Jensen, Danneel and Robbie Thompson talk about the origins of the show and making The Winchesters with EW
  • Meg and Drake talk about working with Jensens, and their excitement for the show from etalk
  • TV Pulse posted about differences between the original pilot they viewed, and a new version which has been sent to reviewers.
  • A positive review from "Nerds and Beyond", who said "From the brilliant casting to the gusto with which Thompson dives right into the story, the gamble has completely paid off. The Winchesters is a confident, entertaining prequel with something new to say, a loving tribute to a beloved series that marks its own territory and more than justifies its existence."
  • A video review by CW Spiral raved about the show saying "The Winchesters could be the most enjoyable show on tv of the fall season, perhaps even of the whole season." They added that the show is "shaping up to be damn good television, and I don't mean modern damn good television. I mean damn good television from the early 2000s, and that's the best type of damn good television you could hope for" .
  • Vought HQ says that "While the pilot feels different to its predecessor, fans will be able to enjoy the expansion on familiar characters" and "the pilot is a good start and it is clear the dynamic of the group will be what propels the show through the mystery and since they have good chemistry with each other, that promises to be a treat to explore."
  • In their review TVPulse called the show "something entirely new but with loving callbacks to the original show" and that "Those tuning in for an hour of supernatural mystery solving and demon slaying will no doubt be satisfied by what they see."
  • A review by the Cosmic Circus was generally positive although it expressed concerns about the relationship of the show to the canon of Supernatural.

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