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A Feature Article

Hi I am writing an article for a class and potential publication on a subject of my choice. I am a huge Supernatural Fan and wanted to do a Feature Article on us in witty yet also serious light. I would it need sometime this weekend. I will send a copy when I'm done.

Please Email response to:

Supernatural Questionaire

1.)Name(For citation)

2.)How long have you been a fan of the Show?

3.)What is something you have done because of the Show?

4.)What is the craziest story you have about you and the Show?

5.)Have you ever been to a convention? If so which One? Do you have an interesting story?

6.)Why do you love the show so much?

7.)Any personal stories?

8.)Anything else you feel is important to say?

  • If you have a really good pic that relates to the article

you can send it and it may be put in the article.