Charlie Bradbury (Apocalypse World)

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Name Charlie Bradbury
Actor Felicia Day
Dates 1985 (born)
Occupation Resistance fighter
Episode(s) 13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive
13.22 Exodus
14.06 Optimism
15.18 Despair

I wasn't looking for love. I found it, and I lost it. And I didn't kill people and literally nest in their body parts, so...

– Charlie Bradbury, 14.06 Optimism


Charlie was a member of the human resistance's inner circle. Like her counterpart, this Charlie worked as a programmer at Richard Roman Enterprises in Chicago, Illinois, where she lived with the "love of her life", a woman named Kara who owned a bakery. In the early days of the Apocalypse, when Michael and Lucifer's fight caused a nationwide blackout of all power and technology, Charlie and Kara banded together with other people in the hopes of help coming for them. When none arrived, and the food ran out, mobs formed and in the chaos of those early days Kara was killed.


13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive

After being captured by angels, Charlie and two humans are brought to a bridge where they are to be executed for high crimes of fomenting rebellion against the archangel Michael. When Charlie's hood is removed, the lead angel recognizes her as part of the resistance's inner circle, someone who has met Jack and Mary, and he orders her to be taken to the Northern Camp for interrogation.

At the POW camp, Charlie resists her interrogator, telling the angel to "bite" her. Realizing the pointlessness of the interrogation, the angel orders her death. As Charlie is tied to a post for execution, Dean Winchester arrives and tosses a grenade, preventing the executioner from delivering the killing blow. Dean and Ketch attack the camp, killing a number of angels and rescuing a confused Charlie.

While making their escape, Dean explains to Charlie about his universe, and how it had another version of her, who died. He tells her they were very close friends before changing the subject to Jack and Mary's location. Charlie tells Dean that last she heard they were in what remains of Dayton, Ohio. She begins questioning why she should believe anything Dean has told her, when they come upon the rift, which is about to close. As Dean tells the group they need to go through, Charlie tells him she will be staying behind along with Ketch. She tells him it's her home and her friends need her, but asks that if Dean has a way to stop Michael, to come back and do it. Until then the fight is hers.

Upon his return to the Bunker, Dean tells Sam and Castiel that there is a version of Charlie in Apocalypse World who informed him and Ketch about Mary and Jack.

13.22 Exodus

Charlie gets news of an angel kill squad executing human prisoners. She journeys with Ketch to intercept the angels leading the human to his death. When Charlie removes the hood on the prisoner to tell him he is saved, the "prisoner" reveals an angel blade and captures Charlie at blade point, forcing Ketch to drop his weapon.

The two are then taken to an old Gas-N-Sip where Charlie sits, restrained and bruised, while Ketch is brutally tortured by an angel. When Ketch proves resistant, the angel makes a call to the Apocalypse World version of Castiel. Upon his arrival, Castiel tells Charlie she has a strong will, but like everyone it will be broken, and all her information will flow from her mind to his. As he places his hands on her head and begins to extract information, the power cuts out. Realizing they are under attack, Castiel flees as Jack and the Winchesters mount a rescue, killing the angels. Upon seeing Charlie and untying her, Sam gives her a large hug, only to realize she is not his Charlie and apologize; regardless, Charlie is just happy to be rescued.

They return to Bobby's camp, where Charlie is among the refugees to make it through the rift. On the other side, Charlie enjoys a beer with the rest of the refugees in the Bunker.

13.23 Let the Good Times Roll

Bobby reveals to Mary that after settling in, Charlie and Rowena were road tripping through the Southwest.

14.06 Optimism

Stuck on a hunt outside Memphis, Tennessee, Charlie calls on Sam for help in finding out what has been abducting people. As they sit a truck staking out a bus stop, Sam questions if Charlie found the right spot. She tells that four people disappeared from the location and produces a jar of dark goo she found while investigating the spot.

Noticing Sam is worried about Dean, Charlie assures him that Dean will be fine, and asks if Dean has any other friends. He tells her that their Charlie was close with Dean. Changing the subject, he tells her he's not surprised she survived the Apocalypse. Charlie, however, tells Sam she is surprised and tells him of her life before the world ended, how she was a programmer at Richard Roman Enterprises and lived with her girlfriend Kara, who died in the early days of the Apocalypse.

Still sitting the truck, an exasperated Charlie tells Sam how she hates hunting, reminding Sam of something his Charlie once said. When Charlie declares her intention to quit after the case they are on and move somewhere quiet with good Wi-Fi, Sam tries to discourage her, telling her she is a really good hunter, and that for people like them that know of the supernatural, quitting isn't easy.

While going through lore, Charlie realizes the thing they are hunting is a musca -- a rare half-man, half-fly creature. Just as they realize this they notice a man dressed in all black and wearing a black beekeeper's hat sitting at the bus stop next to two elderly women, who promptly leave after he sits too close. Later that night, Sam is continuing to try and dissuade Charlie from abandoning hunting and becoming a hermit when the black-clad man returns to the bus stop. A bus pulls up and blocks their view of the shelter. When the bus departs, Charlie notices the musca dragging another man down an alley. Seeing this, Charlie and Sam spring into action and try to chase the musca. Finding a goo-covered door, they enter the building and find the musca's lair. As they split up Charlie finds the nest surrounded by dead bodies and the still-living recent victim. As she checks on the man, the musca reaches from out of its nest and sends Charlie to the ground, knocking her unconscious. Charlie comes to and stabs the musca in the back as it is attacking Sam, allowing Sam time to shoot and kill the creature.

After dropping the victim off at a hospital, Sam once more tries to get Charlie to stay, using the musca as an analogy. Charlie disagrees that she is anything like the fly monster, but agrees to think about sticking around.

15.18 Despair

15.19 Inherit the Earth

When Jack brings back everyone Chuck snapped away, this presumably includes Charlie.

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