Chip Harrington

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Name Chip Harrington
Actor Bill Dow
Location Charming Acres, Arkansas
Occupation Mayor
Owner of Harrington's
Episode(s) 14.15 Peace of Mind


Chip Harrington was the owner of Harrington's soda shoppe, in addition to being the mayor of Charming Acres, Arkansas, and a powerful psychic. Chip claimed to have an intuition regarding what people would do or say. As the years went on and various hardships befell him and the town, such as the mill closing down and his wife passing away, he gradually began to hear voices, until one day he realized he could make people do what he wants. He decided to remake the town, giving everyone new names and lives in his idea of an idyllic paradise.


14.15 Peace of Mind

Sam and Castiel meet Chip at Harrington's, where he reveals himself to be the mayor of Charming Acres. They ask him about Conrad Martin but Chip feigns ignorance, telling them he can only point them to where Conrad was staying in town.

When Castiel confronts Sunny Harrington about being a witch and brainwashing Sam into believing he is Justin Smith, they are interrupted by Chip, flanked by two other men and Sam. Chip takes a seat and begins to explain to Castiel his abilities and how he used them to change the town and make it a better place. He says he gave everyone in the town new names and new lives, making them happy, except for the ones like Conrad Martin and Justin Smith whose heads he caused to explode. Chip attempts to use his powers on Castiel, but they don't work due to him not being human, so he has Sam and his men attack while he confronts his daughter outside the shoppe.

Chip tries to blame Sunny for staying in town and not trying to stop him. When Sam and Castiel come outside, Chip flings Castiel into a bench with his powers and tries to make Sam’s head explode, but Sunny stops her father with her powers, leaving him trapped in a happy place inside his own mind.