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Depiction of a chupacabra.[1]


Species of animals that are associated particularly with Puerto Rico (where it was first reported), Mexico, Chile, Brazil and the United States. Translated from Spanish to English the chupacabra literally means goat-sucker in reference to the creature's habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock.

Pad of Definitions (2.03 Bloodlust), Official Website

The Winchesters hunted a chupacabra when Sam was a teen.[2]


2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

A banner on the circus tent advertises that there is a "real chupacabra" on display.

2.03 Bloodlust

When Dean and Sam offer to help Gordon Walker with a vampire hunt in Red Lodge, Montana, Gordon turns them down telling them:

Gordon: Thanks, but uh, I'm kind of a go-it-alone type of guy.
Dean: Come on, man, I've been itching for a hunt.
Gordon: Sorry. But hey, I hear there's a chupacabra two states over. You go ahead and knock yourselves out.

4.06 Yellow Fever

A chupacabra is mentioned when Sam and Dean are first investigating the victims of ghost sickness. Sam asks what can scare someone to death, and Dean answers:

"What can't? ghosts, vampires, chupacabra? It could be a hundred things."

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

When Sam finds a case where dead bodies were showing up with severe burns around their eyes, hands, and feet, puncture wounds through the backs of their hands, eyes and internal organs liquefied. Dean suggests:

"So, chupacabra? What do we got? Power tools gone rogue?"

11.10 The Devil in the Details

A younger version of Sam mentions a chupacabra to a girl he is studying with, telling her John took him and Dean to Mexico on a "working vacation."

12.17 The British Invasion

Ketch tells Sam and Dean that Mary is hunting a chupacabra in Texas.

Chupacabras in Lore and pop Culture

The chupacabras (from chupar "to suck" and cabra "goat," literally "goat sucker") is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. The first reported attacks occurred in March 1995 in Puerto Rico, and the most common description of chupacabras is reptilian with leathery or scaly greenish-gray skin and sharp spines or quills running down its back. It stands approximately 3 to 4 feet high and stands and hops like a kangaroo.[3]

El featured in a much derided epsiode of the X-Files called El Mundo Gira