Colette Mullen

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Name Colette Mullen
Actor Anna Galvin
Dates 1831/2 – 1863 (killed by Abaddon and Cain)
Location Jasper Springs, Mississippi
Episode(s) 9.11 First Born


Colette Mullen was the wife of the Knight of Hell, Cain. Colette knew what Cain was, but still loved him unconditionally, asking only that he give up his demonic ways and stop killing. Cain complied to her request, retired from being a Knight of Hell, and settled down with her. The other Knights did not take too kindly to this act and kidnapped Colette, leading Cain down a path of murder once again. He single-handedly killed all the Knights except for Abaddon, who had taken possession of Colette.


9.11 First Born

Abaddon attempted to use Colette to make Cain return to the Knights of Hell. When Cain refused, Abaddon began to fatally injure Colette's body. Enraged, Cain drove the First Blade into Colette in an attempt to kill Abaddon. However, he was too late as Abaddon was able to flee the body. As Colette lay dying, she made Cain promise not to pursue Abaddon, and return to a life of peace. He complies.

In the present, Cain visits Colette's grave to tell her that he can no longer deny who and what he is and to look away after watching over him.