Corbin Tilghman

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Name Corbin Tilghman
Actor Blair Penner
Dates 1987 - 2016 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Grangeville, Idaho
Occupation Werewolf
Episode(s) 11.17 Red Meat


Corbin and his wife Michelle Tilghman become captives of a pack of werewolves at the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in Grangeville, Idaho while hitching through the national parks for their honeymoon. During their captivity, Corbin is bitten by a werewolf and slowly succumbs to the change.


11.17 Red Meat

While captured and strung up in a cabin with his wife Michelle Tilghman, Sam and Dean arrive and fight and kill their werewolf captors. During the fight, Sam is shot by a werewolf, and while Dean attends to him Corbin attends to his wife's wounds. When Dean attempts to leave them with Sam, while he goes for help; Corbin tells him there are more werewolves and the four decide to take their chances in the forest. They soon come upon a ranger station, while Dean wants to make sure Sam is okay, Corbin insists they keep moving as Michelle is sick and Sam is slowing them down. Dean gets in Corbin's face, but before things can escalate Sam tells Dean worry about the Tilghman's and come back for him when they are safe. When Dean decides he is going to build a stretcher for Sam and get everyone to safety, Corbin takes it upon himself, for the sake of his wife, to smother Sam as he and Michelle will not make it without Dean's help. As he places his hand over Sam's mouth, Sam notices a bite mark on Corbin's arm, and begins to fight back harder, but is too weak and appears to die. As Dean mourns over Sam, headlights flash through the windows, while Dean wants to stay and fight the werewolves, Corbin talks him into to coming with them.

When morning comes the trio reach the road and flag down Sheriff Ben Anderson, who takes the three to the Urgent Care Center. While giving a statement, Corbin attempts to down play Michelle telling the true version of events, with the werewolves. While comforting his wife, Dr. Kessler wishes to check on him. Corbin attempts to refuse, but Dr. Kessler insists. As she is about to examine him, she notices him try to cover his arm and discovers a nasty bite mark and begins cleaning it, telling her that he feels "good." Later, while checking on his wounds, Corbin notices the bite mark has disappeared and sees the scratch across his chest instantly heal. His eyes suddenly go wolf-like and long claws begin to sprout from his fingers.

After Dr. Kessler resuscitated Dean, she hears screams coming from a room. She knocks and asks if Corbin is okay. Corbin opens the door, fully transformed into a werewolf and tells Dr. Kessler "I really am" before attacking and killing her. Hearing Dr. Kessler's scream, Michelle and Sheriff Anderson rush to her, as Michelle checks on Dr. Kessler's prone body, Sheriff Anderson is impaled by Corbin's arm. Corbin then attempts to calm a panicked Michelle down, telling her he didn't want this, but she will see how it feels and they can be together forever. Before he can get close to her, Corbin is jumped by Dean. As Corbin gets the upper hand and begins choking Dean, he is suddenly shot in the heart with a silver bullet by Sam, killing him.