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Throughout the years, many members of the Supernatural film crew such as producers, writers, and directors have made cameo appearances on the show. Fictional versions of many of the crew also appear in 6.15 The French Mistake.

This page is a list of all appearances by members of the Supernatural crew in episodes. The names of many crew members appear in episodes on set decoration. See individual episode entries for details.


Executive producer and later consultant McG, makes a brief appearance in Season 2.

Lesley DeHaan

Lesley DeHaan was an assistant production coordinator on Supernatural from Seasons 1-5.

Andrew Dabb

Writer and executive producer Andrew Dabb has made a single cameo appearance in Season 7.

Jenny Klein

Writer Jenny Klein appears in the background of an episode in Season 9.

  • 9.15 #thinman – Klein appears in the background of the motel Sam and Dean are staying at entering her room.

Lou Bollo

Stunt coordinator Lou Bollo made a cameo appearance as himself in Season 6.

Robert Singer

Director and executive producer Robert Singer has made 11 appearances in Supernatural, most of which were through voice cameos.