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Cupcake is born! - Misha at Comic Con 2014 in the eponymous cupcake apron

GISHWHES world... is ruled by is one crazy personality. His name is Misha Collins. Don’t know who that is? Well, let me help; you know that show Supernatural? You know those two great guys who are the stars? Yes? Well it’s neither of them.

You know that ultra serious guy pretending to be their guardian angel only he leads them astray and then comes back to save the day to get the hero editing? He is the creepy guy that wears a trenchcoat...

– William Shatner on Misha Collins, Source

Cupcake or "Cuppers" is the a nickname bestowed by legend William Shatner on Misha Collins.

Misha had first come to Mr Shatner's attention when hundreds of GISHWHES teams requested that he follow their Clock Twitter accounts - one of the items in the 2013 challenge. Mr Shatner discovered Misha was the organiser of GISHWHES and a Twitter relationship, best described as a prickly bromance, developed between the two.

In early 2014, Mr Shatner started enthusiastically live tweeting during episodes "Supernatural", beginning with Misha's directorial debut in 9.17 Mother's Little Helper, reserving particularly caustic comments for the "Creepy Trenchcoat Guy".

The Cupcake nickname originated during Comic Con 2014 when Misha, in an act of munificence for which he is known, delivered early morning coffee to the fans who had been sleeping in the queue outside Hall H for the Sunday morning Supernatural panel. Misha wore an apron printed with a cupcake motif. The observant Mr Shatner played off this to create the affectionate, yet ever so slightly derisive, sobriquet "Cupcake".