Cyrus Styne

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Name Cyrus "Cy" Styne
Actor Connor Price
Dates  ???? - 2015 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Lebanon, Kansas
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 10.22 The Prisoner


Cyrus was born into the Styne Family and was the son of patriarch Monroe Styne and younger brother of Jacob and Eldon Styne. Unlike the rest of his family, he had no physical enhancements and hated what his family did.


10.22 The Prisoner

As Cyrus leaves school, he is accosted by a bully, but stands up to the bully by making fun of him. When the bully retaliates by knocking down Cyrus, it prompts Cyrus's cousin Eli to intervene. However Cyrus lies to his cousin about there being a problem and leaves. He later plays video games with a friend, discussing his hatred for his family and his desire to move away. Eli pulls him away from his game to reveal that they are going to dissect his bully and his father demands he kill the boy or he will do it in a worse manner, and then place Cyrus on the operating table and add unwanted enhancements to his body. Cyrus reluctantly harvests the boy and watches, crying, as the boy's arm is used to replace his brother Eldon's. Eldon is then sent to raid the Men of Letters Bunker and insists Cyrus accompany him.

At the bunker, Cyrus is excited by the books, but is warned by Roscoe that he is to pack them up. Continuing to look through Sam and Dean's stuff, he finds a picture of them with Bobby Singer and hides it when Eldon arrives. He tries and fails to convince his brother not to burn the books and Dean's things, but before Eldon can light them on fire, Roscoe stumbles in and dies from a knife to the back by Dean. Cyrus watches as Eldon and Dean face off, ending in Dean killing Eldon. Before Dean can shoot him, Cyrus insists that he's not like the rest of his family, has no enhancements and hates them. He insists Dean doesn't have to kill him and for a moment Dean seems to agree before telling him that evil is in his blood and he can't avoid it. Dean shoots Cyrus in the head, killing him. Castiel is shocked when he finds Cyrus' body shortly afterwards as in the past, before the Mark of Cain began changing him, Dean would've let Cyrus go.