Daniel Elkins

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Daniel Elkins.jpgYoungElkins.jpg
Name Daniel Elkins
Actor Terence Kelly
Troy Anthony Young (Young Elkins)
Dates  ???? – November 2006 (killed by vampires)
Location Manning, Colorado
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 1.20 Dead Man's Blood
4.03 In the Beginning (Young Elkins)


Elkins is a hunter who lives in Manning, Colorado. He has been hunting since at least the 1960s (as Dean sees when he flicks through Elkins' journal). His specialty was hunting and killing vampires. He taught John Winchester a lot about hunting, but they parted on bad terms.


1.20 Dead Man's Blood

Elkins is sitting at a bar drinking and writing in his journal, soon a group of people enter the bar and attract Elkins attention. Elkins soon leaves the bar in a hurry, once at his home, he begins to frantically look for something in his office when he is interrupted by Kate, a vampire, who infers that they have met before remarking that Elkins "looks old." Elkins throws a knife which hits the dead center of her chest, allow Elkins time to hurry into the other room, locking the door and pushing a heavy bookcase across it.

He opens a cupboard to reveal a safe and begins the combination. As Kate begins banging on the door. He is able to remove a metal box from the safe and opens it to reveal an old-fashioned Colt revolver and begins to load it. Suddenly two men drop through the roof and leap over the desk to grab Elkins. The Colt falls to the floor. As Kate breaks through the barricade, she picks the gun up from the floor and examines it. As the two other vampires jump on Elkins and begin to feed, killing him.

4.03 In the Beginning

In 1973, Dean steals the Colt from Elkins. When Elkins catches Dean in the act, Dean tells him he is a hunter and that he only needs the Colt for a few days. Once done he tells him he can find the gun with the Campbells in Kansas.


  • Terence Kelly also played a doctor in 3.15 Time Is on My Side.
  • In 6.18 Frontierland. Sam and Dean go back to 1861 and borrow the Colt from Samuel Colt then use it to kill a phoenix. Dean drops the Colt just before he and Sam are transported back to the present day. It is possible that the Colt was retrieved by the saloon owner Elkins. In the present day, the Colt was originally in the possession of Daniel Elkins and it's possible that the Elkins of 1861 was an ancestor who passed it down to him. In a deleted scene Dean and Sam discuss the name Elkins and wonder if the saloon owner is a relative of the hunter their John knew.