Darrell Birch

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Name Darrell Birch
Actor Tom Pickett
Location Easter, Pennsylvania
Episode(s) 6.03 The Third Man


Darrell Birch is from Easter, Pennsylvania. He has two sons, Aaron and Christopher. Christopher, was murdered by three police officers who then planted a gun on him to avoid prosecution.


6.03 The Third Man

When three cops die mysteriously from supposed Egyptian plagues, Sam and Dean find out that the one thing linking them was a case where Christopher Birch was murdered during a traffic stop. The police officers had planted a gun at the scene to justify their crime. Castiel tells them some angelic weapons have gone missing, including the Staff of Moses. The three assume Christopher's father, Darrell, is the one responsible for the killings to exact revenge on his son's murderers.

Castiel teleports Sam and Dean to Darrell's house where he's reading a newspaper article about one of the police officer's - Officer Ed Colfax's - death. Sam, Dean, and Castiel interrogate Darrell who insists he didn't kill the officers but is glad of their deaths. His son, Aaron, appears and threatens them with the Staff. Darrell tells Aaron to leave, but Castiel renders Darrell unconscious by placing his fingers on his forehead. Aaron then admits to the killings, having prayed for revenge on his brother's murderers.