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Dean/Jess het fanfiction pairs the characters Dean Winchester and Jessica Moore in a romantic or sexual relationship.

You might also be interested in Sam/Jess or Sam/Jess/Dean.

Brief Overview

Dean/Jess stories are much rarer than Sam/Jess for several likely reasons:

  • Sam/Jess is canon
  • Jess dies at the end of the pilot, having met Dean (canonically) one time, apparently only for a few minutes.

Since when have minor little details like that stopped fic writers, though?

The most frequent scenarios for Dean/Jess fiction include:

  • Stanford-era fics, in which Jess and Dean meet on one of his trips to check up on his brother, usually before the start of Sam and Jess's relationship
  • ghost!Jess fics, in which Dean somehow becomes sensitive to Jess's presence after her death
  • AU fics; for example, fics in which Jess doesn't die


Fanfiction featuring Dean/Jess

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