Diego Avila

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Name Diego Avila
Actor Carl Montoya
Dates  ???? - 1925 (killed by Yokoth)
Location Porstmouth, Rhode Island
Occupation Men of Letters
Episode(s) 13.17 The Thing


Diego Avila was a member of the Men of Letters, who ran Capitulum (Chapterhouse) 7 in Porstmouth, Rhode Island. A veteran of World War I, he returned damaged by the experience, only being able to see the worst in humanity. His plan was to bring new gods from another dimension to Earth in order to purge humanity and allow life to start anew. His great-granddaughter Ophelia quotes his words as, "Upon us we shall call forth new gods, Yokoth and her mate Glythur. And they will cleanse this world of hate and bring a new paradise.” It was possible that he found the Seal of Solomon while fighting in World War I in the Middle East which was needed for the spell to open the portal.

Diego had a tattoo of a variant of the Aquarian Star with the eye of Providence at its center.


13.17 The Thing

When Yokoth came through the portal she possessed Sandy Porter and killed Diego and the other Men of Letters present. The Men of Letters expelled any survivors from the organization and shut down the chapter house.