Doc Benton

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Name Doc Benton
Actor Billy Drago
Dates 1700's - 2008 (buried alive)
Location Erie, Pennsylvania
Occupation Doctor
Serial Killer
Episode(s) 3.15 Time Is on My Side


Doc Benton was once an ordinary doctor in the 1816. However, he eventually gave up his regular practices and decided to search for a way to become immortal. He found that secret, but years later he began to kill people in order to use their organs and body parts for his own body. John Winchester fought him a long time ago and cut his heart out using a chainsaw. (This story is told in the comic Origins 4). Unfortunately, Benton survived, replaced his heart, and continued his killing.


3.15 Time Is on My Side

In 2008 in Benton is still murdering random people to keep himself alive, so Sam and Dean go after him. Although Benton kidnaps Sam, Dean rescues him and knocks Benton out. Benton tries to convince Dean that he can help him to live forever so he will never have to go to Hell. Dean thinks it over and denies his offer, not wanting to become something that isn't human. Doc Benton is last seen being buried alive by the Winchester brothers in a rusty, old refrigerator that was chained up.