Dr. Avery Meadows

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Dr. Avery Meadows.jpg
Name Dr. Avery Meadows
Actor Sacha M. Romalo
Dates  ???? - 2017 (spirit laid to rest by Dean Winchester)
Location Grand Junction, Colorado
Occupation Doctor
Episode(s) 13.05 Advanced Thanatology


Dr. Avery Meadows was a physician in Grand Junction, Colorado in the late '60s. Dr. Meadows became infamous for lobotomizing all his patients, regardless of their ailments. Those that lived would be kept as patients and experimented on at his home/clinic. When he was found out, Dr. Meadows was tried and executed, and his was body cremated.

Dr. Meadows, however, became tethered to his plague doctor masks, allowing him to become a ghost and continue his sadistic experiments on any living person foolish enough to enter his home.


13.05 Advanced Thanatology

After Shawn Raider and his friend Evan break into his home and take one of his plague doctor masks, Dr. Meadows manifests before the two can escape. He first attacks Shawn, who only gets grazed by his drill before he slips away, causing him to turn his attention to Evan whom he knocks to the floor and begins lobotomizing with his drill.

Days later, Dr. Meadows manifests in Shawn's bedroom one night and possesses the boy. Forcing him to don his stolen plague doctor mask, Dr. Meadows has Shawn walk to his home, where he proceeds to have Shawn drill a hole into the side of his head, killing him.

Later that night when Sam and Dean go to Meadow's home looking for Shawn, they are attacked by Dr. Meadows who telekinetically knocks both Winchesters away. As he is about to drill into Dean's head, Sam hits him with an iron crowbar, sending him away temporarily. As Sam and Dean make their way to his exam room to burn his plague doctor masks, they salt the doorway, forcing Dr. Meadows to stop as he is phasing half-way through the door. He steps back, and with his power causes the salt to blow away. As the doors swing open, Sam takes a shot at him, but misses as Dr. Meadows teleports away. Before he can get any closer, Dean is able to set fire to all the masks, forcing Dr. Meadows to finally be laid to rest.