Dr. Ellen Piccolo

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Dr. Ellen Piccolo.jpg
Name Dr. Ellen Piccolo, M.D.
Actor Christine Chatelain
Location Seattle Mercy Hospital (fictional)
Occupation Doctor
Episode(s) 5.08 Changing Channels


Dr. Ellen Piccolo is a character from the fictional hospital drama, Dr. Sexy, M.D. She's known as the "sexy, yet earnest" doctor.


5.08 Changing Channels

Dr. Ellen Piccolo is first seen when Dean is watching Dr. Sexy, M.D. in his motel room. Ellen enters an elevator with Dr. Sexy, and they begin to make out passionately once the doors slide shut.

Once Sam and Dean are trapped in TV land by The Trickster, they run into Dr. Piccolo who slaps Sam a few times whilst calling him a "brilliant coward" before walking off without explanation. Later, she tries to slap Sam again, but he ducks and tells her he isn't a doctor. This gets her emotional and she proceeds to tell "Dr. S. Winchester" that he's a brilliant cerebrovascular neurosurgeon and that his patient's death wasn't his fault, acknowledging that he's afraid to operate again and "afraid to love."

As Sam is operating on Dean's gunshot wound, Dr. Piccolo is watching him through the glass of the observation room. She places her palm against the glass and mouths "I love you" to Sam.