Dr. Hydeker

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Name Dr. Hydeker
Actor Adrian Hough (Dr. Hydeker)
Jeannie Epper (The Shtriga)
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Occupation Shtriga
Episode(s) 1.18 Something Wicked


Sam and Dean pose as CDC agents to investigate the sudden, bizarre illnesses of local children. They encounter Dr. Hydeker in the pediatric ward of the local hospital. He says no treatments have proved successful, and that their immune systems are compromised. As he investigates similar past incidents, Sam discovers a picture from 1893 in Black River Falls, Wisconsin in which Dr. Hydeker appears. The doctor is a shtriga, a witch feeding on the life forces of the children. Sam calls Dean, who is in the hospital near the doctor when he is informed of his true identity. He maintains his cover, but barely.

The brothers use Michael, a local boy whose brother is among the sick, as bait, and manage to kill Dr. Hydeker with consecrated iron rounds as he attempts to feed.


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