Dr. Kashi

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Name Dr. Kashi
Actor Anjali Jay
Location Ames, Iowa
Occupation Doctor
Episode(s) 8.03 Heartache


Dr. Kashi is a doctor in Ames, Iowa.


8.03 Heartache

After Arthur Swenson gouges his eye out, Dean meets with Dr. Kashi at the hospital where they discuss Arthur's injury. Dean asks if his self-injurious behaviour is possibly a psychotic break. Dr. Kashi confirms this and explains how Arthur gouged his eye out with part of the jail cell's bed frame. Dean comments that he noticed Swenson had two different-coloured eyes. Dr. Kashi explains that he had an eye transplant after an accident a year ago, and that the eye that Arthur gouged out was the eye that had been transplanted. They end the conversation with Dean asking Dr. Kashi to trace the transplant donor if possible.

Later, Dean gets a phonecall from Dr. Kashi who has successfully traced the donor — Brick Holmes. She also confirms that Paul Hayes received Brick's kidney. Following the previous pattern of deaths, Dean asks whether anyone in Boulder, Colorado received any of Brick's organs. Dr. Kashi tells him that no one in Boulder received any of Brick's donated organs.