Dr. Kessler

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Name Dr. Kessler
Actor Eileen Pedde
Dates  ???? - 2016 (killed by Corbin Tilghman)
Location Grangeville, Idaho
Occupation Doctor
Episode(s) 11.17 Red Meat


Dr. Kessler is the attending physician at the Cotton Wood Urgent Care Walk-in Medical Clinic in Grangeville, Idaho.


11.17 Red Meat

When Dean wakes up after being tasered by Sheriff Ben Anderson, Dr. Kessler tells him not to move as she hasn't tended to his broken ribs or concussion, telling Dean to "get some rest" (which he ignores). She nexts checks on Michelle Tilghman, telling her husband Corbin that she is stable, and that she wants to check on him. Corbin attempts to refuse, but Dr. Kessler insists. As she is about to examine him, she notices him try to cover his arm and discovers a nasty bite mark and begins cleaning it.

Later, Michelle, on Dean's orders, retrieves Dr. Kessler after Dean overdoses on drugs. She is able to successfully revive him, when Sheriff Ben Anderson immediately places him under arrest for stealing and consuming a felonies worth of Schedule IV drugs and assaulting a police officer. Sheriff Anderson tells Dr. Kessler to sedate him, but she refuses due to the health concerns, telling the sheriff that Dean could die again. When she hears a screaming coming from a room, she goes to investigate and after asking if he is okay, is shocked to find Corbin has turned into a werewolf, Corbin tells her "I really am" before he proceeds to attack and kill her.