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Dr. Sexy.jpg
Name Dr. B. Palmer, M.D.
Actor Steve Bacic
Location Seattle Mercy Hospital (fictional)
Occupation Doctor
Episode(s) 5.08 Changing Channels


Dr. B. Palmer is the main character and head surgeon[1] of the fictional hospital drama, Dr. Sexy, M.D. He's better known as Dr. Sexy.


5.08 Changing Channels

Dr. Sexy is first seen when Dean is watching Dr. Sexy, M.D. in his motel room. Dr. Sexy enters an elevator with Dr. Ellen Piccolo and they begin to make out passionately once the doors slide shut.

Later, Dean gets to meet Dr. Sexy in person when The Trickster traps him and Sam in "TV land". Dr. Sexy asks Dean why he defied a direct order to do an experimental face transplant on a patient called Mrs. Beale. Dean glances down nervously and notices that Dr. Sexy is wearing tennis shoes and not his usual cowboy boots. This tips Dean off to the fact that The Trickster is masquerading as Dr. Sexy.