Drugs of Fandom

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On April 17, 2006 mona1347 posted that "fandom is every bit as a) enjoyable and b) addictive as hard drugs". She then compared each of her fandoms to a different drug. The description for Supernatural summed up perfectly a fandom that already had many indulging in reading and writing things -- such as incest, mpreg and RPS -- that they had previously shunned.

Supernatural = Roofies.

You let this fandom buy you one drink, just one drink and before you know it, your clothes’ve come off and you’re doing all these vile and depraved things that you always said you’d never do or just plain weren’t into and you can’t bring yourself to have any kind of problem with the situation at all. Then the next day you wake up kinda sore, wondering what the hell you did last night and have only fleeting remembrances of pretty emo boys, glitter and lube.