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Name Eckhart
Actor Bernhard Forcher
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Dean and Sam Winchester)
Location Vitsyebsk, Belarus (formerly)
Occupation Thule Society
Episode(s) 8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler


The leader of the Thule Society during World War II to present. As a Commandant in 1944 Vitsyebsk, Belarus, he led many magical experiments on the Jewish people, trying to find a way to reanimate the dead, something he finally succeeded in and managed to do to himself. He recorded notes on these experiments in his red ledger. However, the Judah Initiative, having noticed this, struck back, sending a Golem to destroy them. The Golem succeeded, however Eckhart was the only survivor, having used a spell to escape, and was forced to leave behind his red ledger.


8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Eckhart continued to lead the Thule Society, keeping a particular eye on Rabbi Bass, the last surviving member of Judah. Bass has been looking for the red ledger for a while. Following Torvald's death at the hands of the Golem, he is alerted that their secrets have been found, by Torvald's spirit. Eckhart, along with four other members, investigate the library and deduce a Golem is responsible, due to the clay left behind.

He and his men attack Aaron's place, which leads to him quickly disabling the Golem, as Aaron hadn't possessed it yet, meaning it was possible to question Aaron's authority. Upon recovering his secrets, he mocks Aaron, Sam and Dean, believing he has won. However, Aaron manages to ambush him by hitting him with a wooden plank and, in the confusion, Sam and Dean kill his men before shooting him. Before he dies, he tells them that they can't stop the remainder of Thule. His body is then torched to stop him reanimating.


  • His name is possibly a reference to Johann Dietrich Eckart (23 March 1868 – 26 December 1923), an influential German journalist and politician who was involved with the Thule Society, helped found the Nazi party, wrote the anthem of the party and was a confidant of Adolf Hitler.