Elastic Waste Band

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Elastic Waste Band Promo.jpg

Elastic Waste Band was cover band formed in LA. Voted the 3rd most popular lounge act in Vegas in 2010!! The band first appeared at Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas 2013 and were on stage during panels the whole weekend, except for Tango.

The band was on the con circuit during 2013's Vegas and all 2014 Creation Entertainment cons. The band have mysteriously disappeared on transcontinental flight and since 2015 they have been replaced by Louden Swain.

Members of the band:

  • Tango – Rob Benedict - (with black-hair wig and headband with “courage” written on it) - vocals, shaker and guitar
  • Sweet Johnny Highpockets – Billy Moran - lead guitar and backing vocals
  • Sir Richard Furlong – Michael Borja - (from England with not quite English accent with blond wig ass) and backing vocals
  • Hot Karl – Stephen Norton -drums and backing vocals

They were originally dressed like 70’s disco band, later their costumes were changing according to the city/state in which the con was at.

They even had merch including T-shirt with the band logo on it and Twitter - @EWasteBand

Elastic Waste Band was basically Louden Swain undercover. When Creation Entertainment asked Richard to host the first ever SPN Vegascon and he said he would do it if Rob’s band (Louden Swain) would be the house band so it would look like late night talk show (Kimmel-esque), but Creation Entertainment didn’t want real rock band so Richard came up with a few names he had at high school for fake bands and they choose Elastic Waste Band as their alter-ego.