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Name Eli
Actor Ty Olsson
Location Red Lodge, Montana
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 2.03 Bloodlust


Eli was a member of Lenore's nest, and posed as a bartender. Like her, he fed on cattle blood, but suspected that humans, hunters in particular, would not accept them. He is not seen again after Gordon arrives at the nest.


2.03 Bloodlust

A hunter named Gordon Walker started to hunt Eli's nest. Confused that his kind are being hunted, considering that his nest and him have only been feeding on cattle blood he exclaims that they should attack him. Lenore disagreed, saying that they should run. So, he listened to her and then got their vampire friends so they could leave.

6.19 Mommy Dearest

Lenore tells Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Bobby that Eve had been influencing monsters with her voice, compelling them to feed on humans. After a while, none of the vampires in Lenore's nest could resist her influence anymore and started feeding on humans again, including Eli.