Elias Finch

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Name Elias Finch
Actor Matthew John Armstrong
Dates  ???? – March 5, 1861 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Sunrise, Wyoming
Occupation Phoenix
Episode(s) 6.18 Frontierland


Elias Finch was a phoenix who attempted to live a normal life with his human wife outside of Sunrise, Wyoming. However, one day while on trip into town, Elias' wife was taken while Elias was in the town bank. When he exited the bank and saw that she was missing, he followed her screams to an alleyway, where a deputy was attempting to rape her. When Elias tried to stop him he was shot, followed by his wife, who died in his arms. The shots brought the town sheriff to the scene, who placed Elias under arrest for the murder of his wife. Elias was found guilty by Judge Tye Mortimer and sentenced to hang on March 3rd, 1861.

Due to his toxic nature to Eve, Elias was the only phoenix created by his mother.


Elias incinerates the sheriff.

6.18 Frontierland

Elias Finch is hanged, and "dies" swearing vengeance on the sheriff, judge and deputy. That night Elias rises from his grave, and seeks out the meb responsible. Judge Mortimer is the first to die, incinerated by Elias' touch. The sheriff dies soon after in the same fashion, despite shooting Elias several times with his gun. The next day, Elias finds the deputy cowering in a jail cell, protected by Dean.

Elias explains to Dean that he was framed for the murder of his wife. While the couple were visiting the town, the deputy tried to rape Elias' wife, and when he intervened the deputy shot her and Elias. She died in Elias' arms however, being a phoenix, the gunshot didn't harm him. The deputy then conspired with the judge and sheriff and accused Elias of killing his wife. He was unable to escape as he was bound with iron shackles.

Elias is unable to get to the deputy due to the iron bars surrounding him, so he grabs a gun and shoots the deputy instead. Dean flees and runs into Sam, who has retrieved the Colt from Samuel Colt. Dean and Elias then face off in a classic duel, resulting in Dean killing Elias. The shot from the Colt causes Elias to incinerate, leaving a pile of ash.