Elijah B.

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Name Elijah B.
Actor David Bloom
Location Lily Dale, New York
Occupation Museum Curator
Episode(s) 7.07 The Mentalists


Elijah is a curator at the Lily Dale Museum of Curiosities in New York, but outside the museum's business hours, he's also a medium who can communicate with spirits already in their perspective afterlife.


7.07 The Mentalists

When Sam and Dean are investigating the deaths of multiple Psychics in the town of Lily Dale, they visit the Lily Dale Museum of Curiosities in order to identify ghost whom they suspect is the culprit of the murders. Whilst there, they meet the curator — Elijah — who is giving a tour of the museum and educating the visitors on the town's history.

Elijah accompanies Sam and Dean to a display on psychic sibling acts. He muses aloud regarding the strain of sibling acts, which never seem to end well because of the strain of working with each other their whole lives. When Sam spots a woman in a picture who looks similar to the ghost they're hunting, Elijah tells them of the Fox sisters, who were among the founders of Lily Dale. He gives them information on how Kate Fox was "troubled" but "mesmerizing on stage", and how her older sister Margaret Fox wasn't a natural psychic since she "didn't have her sister's charisma".

After Elijah confirms that Kate and Margaret were buried in Lily Dale cemetery, Sam hurries off eagerly. Just as Dean is about to leave too, Elijah grabs his arm to stop him. He tells Dean that he has a message for him from Ellen: "If you don't tell someone how bad it really is, she'll kick your ass from beyond. You have to trust someone again eventually." He then lets go of his arm and encourages him to visit the gift shop.