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Name Eliot Ness
Actor Nicholas Lea
Dates April 19, 1903 - May 16, 1957
Location Canton, Ohio
Occupation Hunter
United States Treasury Department Officer
Episode(s) 7.12 Time After Time

Everybody loses everybody. And then one day, boom. Your number's up, but at least you're making a difference. So enjoy it while it lasts, kid, 'cause hunting's the only clarity you're gonna find in this life. And that makes you luckier than most.

– Eliot Ness, 7.12 Time After Time After Time


Eliot Ness is a member of the U.S. Treasury Department who got into hunting when he encountered vampires in Cleveland.


7.12 Time After Time

Eliot questions Dean, who has arrived in 1944 thanks to Chronos, and believes his story about traveling in time. Dean figures out he's a hunter and Eliot introduces himself. Dean is extremely excited to be working with Eliot Ness, the man whose efforts to bring down Al Capone were featured in the movie The Untouchables. He tells Eliot that it was one of his favorite movies, but Eliot doesn't know what he's talking about. He asks if time travel is normal, and Dean assures him that it's not before they get down to business hunting whatever it is that they've both been hunting in different times. Their first stop is to see a tailor named Ezra Moore, a friend of Eliot's. He tells her that Dean is from the future and that he needs new clothes. After Dean is outfitted in a new suit, Eliot tells Ezra that they need her help. Like Bobby, she has a library of information and is able to find the same symbol that Sam identified in the present day. She hypotheses that Chronos is using his victims so that he can get enough power to travel through time. Eliot and Dean decide to investigate the home of Snyder, aka Chronos, in this time to see what they can find, while Ezra researches what can kill Chronos.

At Chronos' house, they find a book recording horse races. The notation "L.Y." appears next to the bets and Eliot recognizes them as the initials of a bookie named Lester Young. They question Lester using the "good cop, bad cop" method and learn that Chronos hangs out at a dive called The Early Bird. Eliot and Dean wait outside The Early Bird for Chronos to make a move. Eliot reveals why he got into hunting. He says he's frustrated by the red tape in his regular job—hunting sets him free. As they talk, they see a stunning blonde woman walk across the street, and Chronos leaves the diner to follow her into an alley. Eliot and Dean pull guns from the trunk and follow, and are just in time to see Chronos and the woman kissing. They follow them to a house. It's owned by the twenty-year-old Lila Taylor, and she lives alone. Eliot stays to watch the house and Dean goes to see what Ezra has found. Eliot is outside watching the house when he's attacked by Chronos, who throws him through a shed window but is distracted when Lila walks out of the house. Eliot takes the chance to escape. Dean arrives at Lila's house and can't find Eliot.

He goes inside, where he's attacked by Chronos. They're fighting when Eliot appears holding Lila hostage, and he gets Chronos to admit to killing people to travel through time back to where Lila is. As they talk, Dean comes up behind Chronos with a wooden stake, which he recieved from Ezra that is capable of killing the god of time, but Chronos turns and knocks it away. He starts to choke Dean, but, since Sam is performing a summoning ritual in 2012, is suddenly surrounded by a red light. Eliot throws the wooden stake to Dean just before they both disappear in the light.

The Real Eliot Ness

Eliot Ness was a real law enforcement officer who joined the U.S. Treasury Department in 1927, working with the Bureau of Prohibition, in Chicago. He was involved in targeting gangster Al Capone. His refusal to accept a bribe, led to Ness' team becoming known as "The Untouchables." Brian De Palma's 1987 film The Untouchables starred Kevin Costner, Robert DeNiro and Sean Connery, and was based on Eliot Ness' memoir of the same name.