Elizabeth (Citizen Fang)

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Name Elizabeth
Actor Kathleen Munroe
Location Carencro, Louisiana
Occupation Manager, Guidry's Cajun Café
Episode(s) 8.09 Citizen Fang


Elizabeth is the great granddaughter of Benny Lafitte, who grew up in Carencro, Louisiana. She is unaware of the relationship, and he is working for her using the alias "Roy."


8.09 Citizen Fang

She tells Benny (who she knows as Roy) that she is leaving and reminds him to check up things and clean up the shop before. Days later, Dean comes in to visit Benny, knowing that he works at the shop. He sits at the counter and is greeted by Elizabeth who hands him a menu. Dean quickly responds by saying that he already knows what he wants and points at the pie in the display. She goes to check to see if she has any but comes back and says no, much to the disappoint of Dean. Dean asks if she knew where Benny was to which she responds by saying that he left for a few days to go to Mill Creek. Later on, she approaches Martin and sees if he's finished his pie to which Martin abruptly says no. She leaves but after Martin hangs up on the phone she is called back and captured. Benny arrives and exclaims to Martin to let her go, but Martin points out that he will but only if Benny dies. Crying and confused as to what was happening, she finds out that Roy's real name is Benny, that he's her long lost relative, and that he is a vampire. She then witnesses Benny killing Martin and calls Dean for help. While Dean goes inside the gumbo shack to find Martin's corpse, Elizabeth waits outside terrified at what she saw.

8.10 Torn and Frayed

When Benny calls Dean to explain what happened between him and Martin, Dean says that Elizabeth already explained everything to him.