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Name Ellie
Actor Danay Garcia
Occupation Ranch hand
Episode(s) 8.14 Trial and Error


Ellie has been the a ranch hand for the Cassity family for 13 years. Since her mother developed Parkinson's disease, Ellie was confronted by Crowley who was under the guise as an businessman. Crowley asked if she wanted one wish what would it be and she answered that her mother was healthy again. Although she knew she sold her soul, she didn't know about the 10-year condition or the fact that when her time was up she would be killed by a hellhound.


8.14 Trial and Error

Sam and Dean approach Ellie and assuming that they are here for the jobs, shows them around the farm and their quarters. Ellie then assigns them the job of cleaning up the horses barn and remove their waste, much to the disgust of Dean.

After the death of Carl Granville, the members of Alice's family arrive to pay their respects. Over-looking them arriving, Ellie explains to Dean and Sam who and what each family member is. She then assigns Dean to the grill for cooking and Sam to cater the family for the dinner later on.

Ellie is then seen helping Sam to cater and explains to him that strained relationship between the family is a normal thing to see.

After hearing the death of Margot and realizing that she next, she confronts Dean and tries to get in with him. Dean backs off, confused, but explains that it's not her but that he has an important thing to do. Ellie then leaves back to her room.

When Dean goes in search of the hellhound, he visits Ellie's room to warn her to stay inside because there's something evil out there to which she replies that she knows and that it's coming for her. She then goes on to explain why she sold her soul to which she mentions that Crowley granted her a wish and that she wished for her mother to be cured of Parkinson's disease. Dean then tells her to stay in the circle of Goofer dust and leaves to kill the hellhound.

After killing the hellhound, Ellie is given a hex bag and is told by Dean that she won't have to worry about being hunted down again.