Emily (Witch)

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Name Emily
Actor Jodelle Ferland
Dates  ???? – 2019 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 15.06 Golden Time


Emily was the youngest daughter of the Witch Mother. Growing up, Emily was tormented by her older sister Jacinda, who would think of creative ways to abuse Emily. Emily had been turned invisible for a week, had her first crush turned into a water balloon and popped, and had Jacinda attempt to sell her soul to a demon. When Jacinda needed the bones of Emily's bunny, Steve, she killed him, which caused Emily to yell at Jacinda. Emily appearing to stand up for herself angered her sister, who turned her tongue into a snake, which left Emily with a scar on her face where she was bitten.


15.06 Golden Time

Emily and her mother watch Sam in Rowena's Apartment through a scrying spell and notice he is not affected by the hex. When Sam and Eileen leave and start to store the needed ingredients in the trunk of the Impala, Sam falls to a hex bag as Emily and her mother greet him.

Tied up in their van, Emily uses some of Sam's hair to fashion a voodoo doll. Emily's mother threatens Sam with it in order to get him to go back into the apartment and retrieve the things they will need for the resurrection spell to bring back Emily's sister, Jacinda, who died previously in the apartment.

Emily accompanies Sam, waiting outside the doors for him to gather the supplies. The two begin talking about Jacinda, and how horrible she was to Emily. Sam tries to appeal to Emily by telling her stories of the pranks Dean would do to him when they were younger, and when he suggests giving her whatever supplies she needs to run off on her own, Emily doesn't believe Sam and uses the voodoo doll to hurt him and tells him to gather the supplies quickly.

As they are about to leave, Dean's sudden arrival with Emily's mother at gunpoint puts everyone in a standoff. When Jacinda's ghost appears and pushes Dean back, a fight ensues. As Emily's mother orders her to kill Sam with the voodoo doll, Dean shoots her in the chest with a witch-killing bullet, killing her and further angering her mother who turns her attention to Dean.