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Name Lucifer
Anna Milton
Actor Mark Pellegrino
Richard Speight Jr.
Julie McNiven
Misha Collins
Treva Etienne
Dates Lucifer: Pre-Creation - 2018
Gabriel: Pre-Creation - 2018
Anna Milton: Creation - 1978/2010
Tamiel: Creation - 2015
Location Castiel: Earth
Occupation Archangels
Episode(s) Season 4-Season 13

You have fallen in every way imaginable.

Hester, 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental


It's difficult to distinguish between a 'fallen' and a 'rebellious' angel in Supernatural. Fallen angels are those that have defied Heaven's principles and laws, and leave the Host of Heaven permanently. They may be cast out or may leave on their own.

Rebellious angels are those that have questioned or disobeyed orders from their superiors, in particular Michael. They may have created a more personal and individualized agenda. These angels may experience a demotion from their original ranks in the angel hierarchy, and would then be placed in a lower angelic class. True rebellion, meaning outright disobedience, is considered an angelic "murder one" according to Anna. It is closely associated with falling, and can occur for a variety of reasons.

Fallen Angels

Lucifer was expelled from Heaven by God and eventually cast into a cage in the deepest part of Hell by Michael. His contempt for humanity and the creation of Lilith, the first demon, led to his fall. He was later killed by Dean Winchester while powered by the Apocalypse World Michael.

Unable to stand Michael and Lucifer's constant quarreling, Gabriel skips out of Heaven to escape the conflict. After saving Loki, he was placed into witness protection, giving the archangel his own appearance and identity in exchange for leaving his family affairs forever. He spent millennia on earth embracing the hedonistic lifestyle of a trickster and soon acknowledges that humans are better than the angels. He was killed by the Apocalypse World version of Michael.

Tamiel a fallen Grigori.

The Grigori were a squad of elite angels sent to watch over humanity but eventually they turned bad and were near completely wiped out. One surviving Watcher was Tamiel who fed on human souls.

Anna chose to relinquish her grace, then fell to Earth and was born as a human. She had grown tired of her post and wanted to experience real emotion. Even after regaining her grace she remained a fallen angel and on the run until she was captured and then later killed by Michael.

Castiel confessed in 4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester that he had trouble telling what was right and what was wrong. He was later placed under Uriel's command by his superiors for becoming too close with the Winchesters. When he tries to give Dean a warning in 4.20 The Rapture, he is forcibly returned to Heaven and punished severely. He obeys Heaven for a while, but becomes a rebel when he banishes Zachariah and takes Dean Winchester to stop Sam from killing Lilith. He is then cut off from Heaven and gradually loses his powers.

Cas is eventually reinstated after the imprisonment of Lucifer and Michael with even greater power, but his subsequent partnership with Crowley, his brief reign as the ruler of Heaven, and the insanity resulting from his efforts to help Sam cause Hester to describe him as "fallen in every way" and he was classed as a fallen angel, though he still retains his angelic powers. As such, he is able to give his blood to Sam and Dean to create a weapon against leviathans when the blood of a fallen angel is needed.

To create a spell in order to expel all the angels from Heaven, Metatron takes Castiel's grace, and sends him to Earth as a human. He steals the grace of Theo and later Adina to become an angel again, but eventually regains his own grace and full powers.

The angels lose their wings as they fall to Earth, and are no longer able to teleport. They do retain varying degrees of angelic power, although many (like the real Ezekiel) were killed when they fell. The archangels are the only ones unaffected by the spell as they still bear their wings.

Rebellious Angels

Uriel supported the release of Lucifer, but this was either overlooked by or hidden from his superiors. He is eventually killed by Anna.

Gabriel poses as the Trickster god Loki.

Gabriel voluntarily exiles himself from Heaven and retreats to Earth. He says that he grew tired of the warring between the other archangels. He is killed by Michael after keeping him from crossing the rift.

Balthazar is another voluntary exile, who stole weapons from Heaven when left. He hides on Earth, but eventually rejoins the angels for a time to fight with Castiel against Raphael. Castiel eventually kills him after discovering he betrayed him to the Winchesters.

Metatron is the Scribe of God. Despite being believed by many to be an archangel, he is in actuality just a regular angel from the secretarial pool assigned by God to take down the Word before he left Heaven. After learning of the archangels' plans to take over the universe themselves, Metatron willingly exiles himself from Heaven, cutting himself off so completely that he is unaware of the archangels' fates and even who the Winchesters are. Hiding as a protector of the Two Rivers Native American tribe, he gives them longevity in exchange for stories and books. The Winchesters eventually locate him and convince him to help which he starts doing by rescuing Kevin Tran from Crowley and revealing the third task to close the Gates of Hell.

Ion is an angel that betrays Naomi to Crowley both for a price and because he is disillusioned with Heaven's plans. Ion aids Crowley in capturing Castiel and getting the angel tablet, but is killed by Castiel when he is left alone to guard him.

Anael is a low-level functionary who's the sole purpose in Heaven was to push a button and allow souls to enter Heaven. After the fall, she becomes a faith healer by the alias Sister Jo. Anael aids Lucifer by allowing him to feed off her grace and stood by his side when he briefly takes control of Heaven, but she retreats back to Earth when she discovers that he can't help the other angels.

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