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Icons, Banners and Wallpapers

One of the most prevalent forms of visual art in fandom occurs in the forms of icons (or avatars). These 100x100 pixel images are used in communities such as LiveJournal or JournalFen when a user posts or comments. Users may have over 100 icons.

Any image or text or graphic may be used as an icon. Some users will always ‘wear’ the same default icon, while others will wear a different icon for every occasions. Some icons will reflect the emotion or content of a post or comment, others are simply chosen for their aesthetic or humorous appeal. Icons may also be animated.

In the Supernatural fandom, icons are drawn from images or quotes both the show as well as appearances by the actors. Occasionally icons will included images from fanart or quotes from fanfic.

Icons are generally free to be used by anyone, providing the original artist is credited. There are many supernatural icon communities, some of which run challenges where for example icon makers will be given a theme or group of images from which to produce an icon.

Making icons with acerbic comments is a common fandom response to wank.

Banners that can be used on a journal or wallpapers for computer desktops are another variation of this artform.

Examples of icons. Hold cursor over image for artist and details.

icon by dirsi icon by carmendove icon by phangurrl quote from Firefly icon by tinamishi green-ghost from The Dean Show by urdsama icon by lostmemento icon by thereisnosp00n based on macro format

Digital Manipulations

Commnly called ‘manips” these are produced by manipulating screencaps or photos. The subject matter is often sexual in nature, featuring nude images or the production of Wincest images which may range from portraying the brothers kissing to having sex. Manips featuring characters with wings are also popular.

While there are many excellent artists in this area, many bad images abound, commonly described as the “head is pastede on ya” variety where it is obvious where the images have been (poorly) cut and past.

The Final yes Beautiful manip by oxoniensis of Sam and Dean about to kiss
Brothers on a Hotel bed Manip by ignited of Dean and Sam in bed (R)


When the night gets sticky by dreamlittleyo

Art in both traditional and digital forms can be used for fan art. These may range from portraits in charcoal or pen and ink, woodcuts, oil paintings through to drawing in a digital environment.

The Dean and Sam Show Welcome to The Dean Show Slumber Party! This comm was created to archive the chibi artwork and comic strips by urdsama based on the CW Supernatural aka The Dean Show
Why Supernatural is Super Awesome Hilarious stick figure interpretation of Supernatural by moonythestrals
The further adventures of Canned Sam He's Sam! He's in a can! Pure crack
ileliberte's artwork for marinusalka's Big Bang Fic.
dun's illustation for albydarned's Big Bang fic
Sam and Dean kissing on the hood of the Impala by dreamlittleyo
Dean vs a werewolf by _audry
Sam and Dean as Watson and Holmes


Picspams are a popular form of art which may range from simply a collection of photos of a particular subject (Sam’s hair, the Impala, Dean laughing, Jared in hats) through to the picspam meta. In this form pictures are used to illustrate and explore a character or story in the show.

Daily Padalecki keepaofthecheez posts themed picspams dedicated to Jared (and Sam)
Ten Expressions Hilarious re-interpration of each episode by kroki-refur
Brotherly Manlove by Winchesters sargraf's insightful analysis of the boy's relationship through how they interact in each other's space and through physical contact
Dean Winchester Clothing Picspam and the Sam Winchester Clothing Picspam bellanut beautifully documents the boys'laundry
Motel Rooms bellanut takes us on a tour of all those quirky motel rooms.
Dean and the Impala In this perceptive meta, anteka draws parallels between Dean's emotional state and the condition of the Impala
Castiel The Sex!Hair of Castiel Hilarious study of the angel Castiel and how his angelic nature influences his appearance

Misc Artforms

Motivational Posters Motivate yourself with these inspirational posters
Supernatural Secret Postcards Characters from the Supernatural 'verse reveal their secrets through postcards. Based on the Post Secret Project.
Supernatural macros Based on the LOLCats format, these are Supernatural style macros in ur journal, making u laff
Special Hell Newsletter MissyJack Publications present crack on a range of topics


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