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In 3.12 Jus in Bello, Sam and Dean reveal that they have had Anti-possession symbols tattooed on their chests. In an interview about the tattoos, Sera Gamble said "By the way, I'll be convinced we're truly a cult hit when a fan gets the same tattoo."

Little did Sera know, that fans had been getting tattoos since early on in the Show's run. This page documents the many and varied tattoos fans have had, inspired by Supernatural and our fandom.

For information about tattoos on the Show please see Tattoos

Feel free to send yours to us at All images are property of their owners, and are posted here with their permission. Please do not reproduce.


Name: Macy
Date: July 7, 2012.
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Artist: Leonie at Goddess Hydra Design, The Netherlands. Comment:I am absolutely in love with this tattoo. My mum is wonderful at her job! It is, by far, my favorite of all my tattoos. I've only had it since just over a week and it's still healing up but it already looks beautiful.


Name: Chelsea Funk
Date: August 2, 2012
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Artist: Ed at Allstar Tattoo and Body Piercing , St. Louis Mo
Comment: I've wanted this tattoo for 3 years and, thanks to a little help from my friend Nicole, I grew a pair and we went and got them done.This is my first tattoo and her second.


Name: Dustin
Date: May & July 2012
Inspiration: The Occult, The Colt, Sam & Dean Winchester


Name: Louis
Inspiration:Anti-possession symbol


Name: Deans Team
Date: October, 2011.
Inspiration: The Colt and Angels
Artist: Wayne at Albany Ink, Albany, Western Australia
Comment: I love it. The angel is what I think they would look like fighting along side Dean.


Name: Kiera
Date: 2 Sessions in January 2012
Inspiration: SPN Season 6- obviously the DVD cover- but I loved this picture, and the entire good vs evil mythos that pitted Sam & Dean
Artist: Frank Ready III at Atomic Lotus in Oklahoma City
Comment: This is my 2nd tattoo on my right sleeve- as you can see it took up a vast amount of real estate- but it's okay- My love for SPN is like nothing else on TV ever.


Name: Sarah
Date: January 13th. 2012
Inspiration:Anti-possession symbol
Artist: Robert Alley, Tribal Image, Arlington, Texas


Name: Michael
Date: 14th Decemeber, 2011.
Inspiration: The Colt and Carry On Wayward Son
Comment: I've been debating which tattoo I should have and I decided it only could be one thing and that was something which related to Supernatural. I absolutely love the show and the Colt and song will now be with me forever! I wanted to show the passion I have for the show by getting this tattoo done. It's something I'll never regret and always love!


Name: Heather (hsells67)
Date: April 25, 2011
Inspiration: Castiel
Tattoo Artist: Imperial Ink in Florence, SC.
Comments: A tattoo that I've been wanting. It's also my very first tattoo! I love it!


Name: Sarah
Date: May 2011
Inspiration: The Colt
Tattoo Artist: Jessica Weichers at Tattoo City Skin and Art Studio in Lockport, IL
Comments: My 4th tattoo and my favourite by far. I love this show and the fandom. I've met so many great people through this show and it means so much to me. I got the inscription on the Colt because I like that the meaning behind it applies to the show but also my life.

250080 168485546544606 100001494857722 402333 3753536 n.jpg

Name: Eddie G
Date: 6-13-11
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol and Devil's trap
Comments: This isn't your standard Devil's Trap if you'll notice.. I customized it myself,had it done with awesome Shading


Name: Jessica J
Date: October 2010
Inspiration: Dean's Amulet
Comment: My first tattoo! I've always loved Dean's amulet and how it represents family and love. This show means so much to me, and I've always wanted to pay tribute to it somehow.

Celtic cookie.jpg

Name: Kate D/celtic_cookie
Date: April 2009
Inspiration: The Colt
Tattoo Artist: Saramonster at East End Dermagraphics in Richmond, Virginia.
Comments: I got this tat in April of 2009 just before Eyecon II. I showed it to Jared and the Ghostfacers and they all LOVED it. I have a signed Weekly World News reading "Kate- Great tattoo! -Jared Padalecki". I've since had the tattoo colored as well.


Name: Hope
Date: 29 March, 2006
Inspiration: Engraving from The Colt

Emily d.jpg

Name: Emily D
Date: August 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments: I love it and it means so much to me, its a reminder of all the fantastic friends I've made because of my love for the show. It's on my right hand side of my lower back.


Name: Zyx Swolz
Date: October 2009
Inspiration: Lock to the Devil's Gate from 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two
Comments: In tribute to the best TV show... and the pentagram symbol lock. Without necessarily having to put a name on my skin :). There's no way I can regret it

Chemm80and daughter.jpg

Name: Chemm80
Date: Jan 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments: My daughter and I got these January 2, 2009, after having a blast together at the Dallas con in the summer of 2008.


Name: Snpixiee
Date: April 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Lisaj67
Date: September 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Mel C
Date: 20 June 2009
Inspiration: Jensen Ackles Comment: I'm Brazilian from Fortaleza [Ceará] Brazil.I'm fan of Jensen Ackles for 5 years.

Kadiel krieger.jpg

Name: Kadiel krieger.jpg
Date: July 4, 2009
Inspiration: The Colt, Dean's Amulet Tattoo Artist: Chris Clark, Kustom Thrills - Nashville, TN Comments:The most important thing to me was to have something completely unique. That's why I went with Dean's custom Colt 1911 along with another of Colt 1911's that Sam has used. Dean's Amulet was an obvious choice to me, mostly because I wanted it to be about their brotherhood and the core of the show rather than any shifting, potentially changeable shippy elements. The Latin from the barrel of The Colt was a must have, and the inclusion of it when combined with the rest of the classic Biblical phrase is something I will always be able to get behind.


Name: ceruleanblue312
Date: April 2009
Inspiration: Angel Wings, "Non timebo mala" from the Colt with Sam and Dean's initials and birth dates; Jensen Comment:The wings and 'Jensen' were done in 2009 and the forearm one was done in 2007.

AllisonandTom H.jpg

Name: Allison and Tom H
Date: December 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments: Me and the hubbys Supernatural tattoos.

Teresa Jimp.JPG

Name: Teresa Jimp
Date: Over 9 months in 2009
Inspiration: The Colt, Anti-possession symbol, Show!
Comments: I have 3 tattoos dedicated to SPN. The first one is a design me and 2 friends all did as a celebration of the show. We all chose the font together, and as you see mine is on my shoulder. my inner wrist and is my favourite, my tattooist wanted to alter the picture i took in so it is slightly different and, in her words, more feminine. "Non timebo mala" is on my lower back.


Name: Missyjack
Date: April 2007
Inspiration: Winchester rifles, and the Winchester (and the Show's) mission d'etre from 1.02 Wendigo
Tattoo Artist: Craig Deuce, Eternal Instinct, Thornbury, Melbourne
Comments: Idea by me; original artwork by Hope. It's on my left calf.


Name: Hannah D
Date: April 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Elisabeth/@AngelicVampira
Date: April, 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Clare B
Date: January 22, 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol, and inscription from the Colt
Comment: I got my tattoo just before a Supernatural Convention at the Hilton hotel in Birmingham. My friend Ben did it for me, who's a licensed tattooist btw.


Name: Basta Tragedy
Date: November 2009, Leipzig, Germany
Inspiration: Dean saying "I'm Batman" in 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock
Comments: It was inspired by Dean saying "I'm Batman", somehow it stuck to me as a nickname. Even my Dad calls me Batman, if I do something really good :D


Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: katbcoll
Date: July 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Courtney T
Date: January 2010
Inspiration: inscription from the Colt
Comments: I love this tattoo more than anything, it ties in with the show so well and it means a lot to me. I will never regret getting this done.


Name: Jas/crystalchain
Date: October, 2009
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt
Comment: It's not perfect by any means, but I don't regret it at all. It always reminds me of all the awesome people I've met because of the show. It means a lot to me.


Name: Minx999
Date: March, 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol, inscription from the Colt


Name: clex_monkie89
Date: September 2009
Inspiration: The Impala


Name: Samantha M
Date: 21 January 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: I got it done after the promo pics for 'Jus In Bello' came out, before the episode aired

Lost but secure.jpg

Name: @Lost_but_secure
Inspiration: Castiel
Comment: Vaguely inspired by my Cas love, Chinese symbol for "heaven".


Name: Coni
Date: May 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: I had been wanting to get a tattoo, but could not for the life of me decide what I wanted to get. I remember rewatching 3.12 Jus in Bello and the scene when they show their tattoo's happen and I was like "That is what I'm getting!" Ended up going a couple days later to get it done, & I still love it to this day :)

Kerry M.jpg

Name: @Kerry_Morrow
Date: January 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Erica/@AirickaJane
Date: October 31, 2008
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt


Date: September 2006
Inspiration: I got this just before season two started. Intus mihi vires means "My strength comes from within." The phrase is meaningful to me personally, but I chose to get it in Latin because of Supernatural. I used to have an icon of the Lord’s Prayer in Latin (because of Supernatural) and was rather in love with Sam’s Exorcism from 1.22 Devil's Trap (my all time favorite episode).


Name: Treece
Date: February 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Caz W
Date: November 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol]
Comments: i have met and made a fantastic bunch of friends because if the show, without the show i think I'd be locked in some padded cell!


Name: Sharpest Rose
Date: mid 2006, between Season 1 and 2
Inspiration: Devil's trap. It's the seal from 1.22 Devil's Trap that they catch Meg with.
Comment: For the record, I'm no longer an active Supernatural fan but have NEVER regretted getting the tattoo


Name: Louise Warren
Date: March 2009
Inspiration: The Colt
Tattoo Artist: Marcos Attwood, Pierced Up, Bristol UK
Comments: This was the 7th of 8 tattoos that I have and I love it, I wanted to show my dedication and love of the show and this felt like the perfect way to do it!

Strange izzy.jpg

Name: Izzy
Date: February 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Scarlet Michelle
Date: February 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment:I had this tattoo done in April 2009, just before AHBL convention in Sydney. It was actually still healing so I couldn't even show the guys it, but it doesn't matter. It's my first tattoo and I'm really proud of it. Located on my left arm, I can always see it and know I always have full control over myself... until SPN is on my screen =D

Gelasius tattoo.jpg

Name: Gelasius
Date: October 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Tattoo Artist: Adal at Addiction Tattoo, New York, NY.
Comments: I got this done in white ink, so it's kind of a special secret personal thing I can hide if I'm performing. But of course I always know I am safe from demons invading my meatsuit. *nods*


Name: germanjj
Date: February 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: It's my version of the protection symbol. I always wanted a pentagram and then I saw the Supernatural tattoo and knew I wanted to combine both the meaning of the symbol itself and the meaning for the show. I took the picture of the original and asked my tattoo-artist to do a personal version that fit my other tattoos. That's what came out of it.


Name: germanjj
Date: November 2009
Inspiration: Sam and Dean
Comment: I didn't suddenly realize how much my brother meant to me through Supernatural, but that show made me actually think about our relationship. With this tattoo I want to show everyone what a proud sister I am to have the best brother in the world. So the first meaning is my own brother, but it's also for siblings in general, and of course for Sam and Dean.


Name: Kelios
Date: May 08 / July 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol, "strength"
Comment:I got the anti-possession tattoo in May 2008. I liked the symbol, but I wanted something more elaborate. It starts between my shoulders and goes about 8 inches down my spine. The other was done July 2009. It's the kanji for strength, and I like both the meaning and that it looks like a double J. It's on the inside of my right wrist.


Name: @jackles99, her friend and twin @wolf2512
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments: We got the anti-possession symbol together; added to our existing tattoos

Winchest 10 002.JPG

Name: Shawna (wilde_moon)
Date: May 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: I was thinking about the boys having the symbol over their hearts. But I didn't want it on my chest, and I was struck with the idea of getting over my pulse point, instead.

Tattoo 016.JPG

Name: Jennie R
Date: August 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: @padackles96
Date: September 2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments: It's in purple on my left forearm


Name: Kristi
Date: March 2010
Inspiration: The Colt


Name: Rainwish
Date: July 2009, Hannover, Germany
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: I've always liked the meaning of the pentagram, and then this certain one will also always remind me of how much fun the showhas brought to my life, and how much I admire the whole SPN team for their work. Another special meaning: When my most beloved pet died, I buried her with my first pentagram pendant. Now this tat will always remind me of the sweetest ferret ever - which is why it just HAD to be placed above the heart like the one in the show.

36841 404465134897 716394897 4153169 3702474 n.jpg

Name: Christa H
Date: 20 June 2010
Inspiration: The Colt

Me (Mr. Sicuro).jpg

Name: Jeff D/ Mr. Sicuro
Date: June 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Tattoo Artist: Miranda at
Comment:This is my very first Tattoo, that I got so far. I wanted to do some then special for my 25th birthday. So what better to have, then my very own "Anti-Possession Symbol". I like to think of this tattoo, as my good luck charm in life. The tattoo is on my right arm, on my shoulder.


Name: Gitte B./sgirl18
Date: March, 17th, 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: My tribute to the Best TV show out there. Keeps reminding you how important family is and that you should never take them for granted.

Photo 427.jpg

Name: Lauren
Date: August 2010
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt
Comment: I've always loved the saying, and when I saw it on Supernatural it made me love it even more. It goes well with what I'm dealing with in life right now. It was a perfect time to get it.


Name: Ashley W
Date: 17 August 2010
Inspiration: Inscription from The Colt


Name: Melissa
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt, Castiel
Comment: This was my first tattoo, so me being a major fan of Supernatural i did the Colt saying, "Non Timebo Mala" Fear no Evil, and included "Missit me Dominus" the Lord has sent me (i have been sent to change). I designed my own wings to the shadows of Castiel's in episode Lazarus Rising.


Name: Alex W
Date: September 2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment:A friend got me hooked on Supernatural and now I don't miss a single episode. I love the characters & the storyline.

Up close.JPG

Name: Tracie S
Date: 17 August 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: I got this tattoo (with my friend who also got this on his back). I had wanted a tattoo for many years (this is my first) but there was no symbol I liked enough to commit to. We are fans of the show, but that wasn't the main reason for getting it. I like the look, and what it "symbolizes." It was a nice way to honour our friendship of almost 25 years as well.

IMG 3647(3).JPG

Name: TikiTyler9
Date: September 2010
Inspiration: Music
Comment: I designed it myself, and was very pleased with the way the tattoo artist re-created it. It reads "It makes me wonder", a line from Eric Kripke's beloved Led Zeppelin from one of my all-time favorite songs, "Stairway to Heaven". I adore that band, that song, and especially that lyric. Supernatural increased my love for classic rock to an all-time high, and that show follows me everywhere. I can't look out a window or listen to a song without seeing something from the Winchesters' journey in my mind. It truly "makes me wonder", every minute of the day. I of course HAD to include the creepy yet beautiful old tree and the crows, because that image is so true to SPN for me.

The ink is, as you can see, on my back and up my shoulder. The name of the biggest crow? Winchester! Of course.


Name: Antony (tone78)
Date: 31 October 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol

Comment: From the very second I saw the episode I wanted this tattoo

Name: Castiel the car/ Wendy-Alice
Inspiration: Supernatural and Castiel.
Comments: I got the Anti-possession tattoo on it in 2010, then decided to get the 'Castiel' sticker for the back window. Then I saw some wings in a shop and got them to add to either side of the 'Castiel' sticker on the back window.

SPN Tat.jpg

Name: Katherine B
Date: 3-4-2008
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: This is my SPN tattoo. (My best friend has a matching one.) As far as we know, we were the first to get this design. The Jus In Bello ep where they were first featured aired on 2-21-08, and we went out on 3-4-08 and got the ink. We even sent pictures in to Sera Gamble to show them off!


Name: Mara C
Date: 09/01/2009
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Tattoo Artist: Alex tatoo- Porto Alegre/Brazil

Comment: I love the pentagram, protect me, is so beautiful.
Alex M tattoo.jpg

Name: Alex M
Date: August 2010, London
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Brittany O
Date: 09/12/2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol and The Colt
Comment: I had been debating over what I wanted for a tattoo and then received SPN Season 3 as an early gift. I saw Sam & Dean's tattoos again and immediately went "I have to have that." Then one of my friends suggested getting the words from the Colt to make mine a bit different and I loved the idea. This tattoo was actually a present from my parents this year. I love the tattoo and I will always be reminded of how much I love Supernatural.

Sbi tattoo.jpg

Name: Sivan
Inspiration: The Colt


Name: Kit
Date: April 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: I absolutely love it. It was my favorite tattoo for a good while!


Name: meesasometimes - marianne
Date: Feb.10, 2010
Tattoo Aritst: Ryan Fleming
Inspiration: Inspired by a favorite fanfic and of course Dean
Comments: I love him and needed his name inked on my body. I wanted it to look salt-n-burny, like it was going up in smoke.

Riely tattoo.jpg

Name: Riley
Inspiration: Pentagram


Name: Candice
Date: February, 2011
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt, Anti-possession symbol
Comments:I wanted to get "non timebo mala" because I love what it means. Not only is it from the show, but "fear no evil" means so much to me. And since I absolutely love the show as well as Dean and Sam, I wanted to get the anti possession symbol. I love what the pentagram represents and the fact that it protects you from evil, but the main reason I got it, is because I love Supernatural oh so much! In 4 months I'll be going to my very first Supernatural convention and I can't wait to show off my new (and first ever) tattoos!


Name: Arnie
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol, Inscription from the Colt


Name: Meredith
Date: November, 2010
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt
Comments:The Colt. And Psalm 23, which is one of my favorite passages from the Bible.


Name: xoxodancing1025
Date: 24 January, 2011
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt
Comments:Just got it today. Day before Dean's birthday. Inspired by the engraving on the colt and it kinda defines my life right now and will hopefully remind me to have strength for everything I face in the future.


Name: Sammie Jo
Date: August 13, 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol


Name: Karyn, New Jersey
Date: May, 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol, Castiel
Comments:Possession spell, angel wings for Castiel and "Angels are watching over you" because thats what Mary used to tell Dean when he was little.


Name: Julie
Date: 8 February, 2011
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments:Me (Julie) and my best friend (Justine) got these tattoos on our right wrist

Victoria Pane tattoo.jpg

Name: Victoria Pane
Date: January 23 2011
Inspiration:Engraving from The Colt
Comments: So I got this done on January 23 which happens to be the day before Dean's birthday! I thought that these words represented me and everything that's happen the last few months well. I know I will always be able to look at it when I need some strength.


Name: Amy
Date: February, 2011
Inspiration: 1.12 Faith
Comments:I got this done after LA Con. Of course it works on many levels but it's also my favourite episode.


Name: Amber (@daemonicmuse)
Date: March, 2010
Inspiration: Misha, Anti-possession symbol
Comments:To be honest, I'm pretty new to the fandom. I discovered it about February 2010 and knew from the first episode that I was going to be addicted. I loved it so much that the instant I saw Dean & Sam's tattoos that I'd have to get one myself. Its done in white UV ink, so it glows all pretty in the right light, and the Enochian sigils inside the pentagram say 'Misha'. I know its a bit stalkerish, but who cares? Misha will never know!

MorganaTatto 2.jpg

Name: Morgana, Brasil
Date: early 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments: Tatuagem pra mim significa um pedaço da sua história. Algo que ninguém pode julgar. Eu amei supernatural desde o primeiro episódio. Me ajudou na formação do meu caráter, me ensinou que a família é o que temos de mais importante, e temos que lutar por ela a cada minuto.

Supernatural faz parte de mim. Da minha história. Passei por muitas coisas ao longo do seriado, e nele consegui conforto. Os risos e a perseverança dos personagens me deram força pra continuar sorrindo.

MorganaTatto 2.jpg

Translation: The tattoo for me signifies a piece of history. Something that nobody can judge. I loved Supernatural from the first episode. It has helped in shaping my character, taught me that family is what we hold most important, and we have to fight for it every minute.

Supernatural belongs to me. Of my story. I went through many things throughout the show, and it gave me comfort. The laughter and perseverance of the characters gave me strength to keep smiling.


Name: Zee/highwaywoman
Date: 17 March, 2011
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt
Comments:I've wanted the inscription for ages; it's had special meaning for me since we first heard the story of the Colt. Placed at the nape of my neck, between heart and head I will fear no evil. I chose the typewriter font because writing -- learning how to write -- has been one of the most wonderful experiences I've had in fandom.


Name: Candace
Date: Feb 2011, day before the LA Con.
Artist: Elvis at Sixth Street Tattoos Corona, CA
Inspiration: Inscription from the Colt
Comments:It's my first tattoo, but not my last. It's hard to get something completely unique because so many people in this fandom have tattoos, but it's only one of many SPN themed tattoos that I will be getting on both arms.


Name: Megan (ashesandwhiskey)
Artist: Cindy Hahn at Cin City in Billings, MT
Date: March 2011
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol and W for Winchester
Comments: I've been a fan of the show since it started and I just recently attended my first fan convention in February of 2011 in LA. The show has always meant a lot to me, especially because of the people I have met along the way! The anti-posession symbol is on my foot, the 'W' on the back of my neck.


Name: Laura(leatherandxlace)
Artist: Cindy Hahn at Cin City in Billings, MT
Date: March 2011
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol and W for Winchester
Comments: My sister and I both got tattooed at the same time. For me, the tattoo on my arm is not only a symbol of my favorite TV show, but a representation of my religion as well, since I am Wicca. The 'W' on my ankle is for Winchester.

Snowy tattooed car.jpg

Name: Darbie and Snowy the car
Date: May 2010
Inspiration:Anti-possession symbol
Tattoo Artist: I went to an advertising agency with a picture of the anti-possession tattoo and they printed it in a very big size as an adhesive foil (like a professional car advertising).
Comments:To show my LOVE for Supernatural


Name: Dayna
Date: February 2011
Inspiration: Engraving from The Colt and Anti-possession symbol
Tattoo Artist: Dave Plummer @ Wicked Hart Tattoo, Latrobe, PA


Name: FullMetalJoJo
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol

Shannon tattoo.jpg

Name: Shannon Roger
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments: I'm a huge Supernatural fan


Name: Tina, Rhode Island
Date: Jan 22nd, 2011
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments:The tattoo means a great deal to me because I love this show and I'm very passionate about it, the fans and the actors.

Cmm2 tattoo.jpg

Name: Tina, Rhode Island
Date: Jan 22nd, 2011
Inspiration: Engraving from The Colt
Comments:My second Supernatural tattoo


Name: Christopher
Date: March 2010
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol & Dean Winchester
Comment: My first tattoo had to be from Supernatural.


Name: Sari/@vanyalianjuli
Date: July 2011
Inspiration: Enochian & Castiel
Comment: It´s enochian for my firstname. I have loved angels my whole life, and since Cas even more. It shows my love to angels, the lord, the life and supernatural


Name: @AmyInSydney
Date: August 2011
Inspiration: Supernatural
Comments: I loved the idea of having the show title cut into my skin. It's just that important to me. But I didn't want to be obvious. I love Japanese writing, so this is Supernatural in Japanese. It's my secret Supernatural tattoo!


Name: @AmyInSydney
Date: May 2011
Inspiration: The Boys
Comments: I love this quote from Dean in the episode 5.04 The End. Heaven and Hell were ripping Sam & Dean apart, but in a moment of clarity, Dean knew no matter what, Sam and him had to stay together. To me this quote defines Dean and defines the brother's relationship.


Name: Kelli
Date: October 3 2010
Inspiration: Engraving from The Colt
Artist:Jay Stirling from Chatham Ontario
Comments: My fourth tattoo - my inspiration is Supernatural


Name: Kelli
Date: 23 July 2011
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comments: My fifth tattoo


Name: Xtina C
Date: May 2011
Inspiration: The Boys
Comments: I love art and drawing and have a huge love for the show so this tattoo was a must. Its the first part of my supernatural themes sleeve tattoo. I got this tattoo for Asylum which will be next weekend (May 13th). Hopefully the guys will love it.


Name: @MonicaHargrove
Date: 7/19/11
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol, Castiel, Engraving from The Colt
Artist: Bob Price, owner of Inferno Studios based in Bradford, PA & Olean, NY
Comments:  : I waited a long time to figure how I wanted my tatt & Bob modified it to fix the sigil that had been messed up before, so it came out really awesome. He actually knows SPN so he thinks it is awesome.


Name: Petra, Germany
Date':23 September 2011 Inspiration: Engraving from The Colt
Comments:  : It's my first one and I got it this friday in honor of the season 7 premiere.


Name: rGo
Date: 21/11/12 Inspiration:Devil's trap (symbol)
Comment: Placed upon the right foot, as Michael crushes the Beast under his right foot. Based on the Devil's Trap in 1.22 Devil's Trap, which is actually a mash-up of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth and the Fifth Pentacle of Mars as found in the Greater Key of Solomon. The inner verse is Psalm 91:13, the outer verse is Psalm 91:11


Name: Rabbit_with_Fang
Date': August 2011 Inspiration: Engraving from The Colt
Comments:  : I got this (my second tattoo) in August this year. I added the latin "Non timebo malo" + "Et carpre noctem" (from Angel) so I kind of squeezed two fandoms in together there.


Name: Sophie
Date': 5 November 2011
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol

Free will tat pic 2.JPG

Name: Brenda and Kobbi.
Date: July 11, 2011.
Inspiration: We used team Free Will as inspiration,,, Jensen's face because wow.. Jared's Body "hello" and Misha/Cas's Wings,,,,,, also we figured using Deans face with angel wings would show his link to Michael. Its our way of showing some love....
Comment: This picture is of my daughter Kobbi, she is 16, and my Tattoos. We got them on my 35th birthday. We have been huge Supernatural fans for years - Jensen , Jared, Misha, Jim and the whole supernatural crew are just fantastic.


Name: Kobbi
Date: February 22, 2012.
Inspiration: Engraving from The Colt
Comment: Kobbi's second tattoo.

Nazli's tattoo.jpg

Name: Nazli
Date: May, 2010
Inspiration: Castiel
Comment: My tattoo is Castiel in Enochian :) I love angels especially Thursday's angel Castiel :)


Name: Kellie, Neill, Fi and Tim.
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: Four friends bound by tattoo's and a love for Supernatural, but not Demons!

Gillian tatts.jpg

Name: Gillian
Date: 22 December 2011. Inspiration:Anti-possession symbol
Comments: Inspired when I saw Dean and Sam with the symbol on their chests.


Name: Kelly
Date: December 2011
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Comment: My husband gave me this for Christmas since he knows how much I love the boys (he loves them too)! It's right above my right ankle bone


Name: Ivanava
Date: January, 2012
Inspiration: Means 'brothers' in Enochian language and it's written in enochian alphabet.
Comments:My inspirations were ofc Sam and Dean and my two brothers who mean a lot to me. I did it in enochian because I also wanted to include Cas in the whole meaning. I'll never regret making it because this show changed me so much and it showed me the true meaning of family.


Name: Tom
Inspiration:Anti-possession symbol
Comments: I got this on the left of my chest where the guys have it love my new tattoo!!!


Name: Ryan
Date: January 13th. 2012
Inspiration:Anti-possession symbol
Comment: My Fiance and I LOVE the show so much I decided to get this Tattoo. For Love and Support for the show and for Protection also for my fiance ;)


Name: Brion
Inspiration:Anti-possession symbol
Comment: from Skokie, Illinois


Name: Mia
Date: November, 2012

Amanda - ca -tatt.jpg

Name: Amanda B
Date: 10/08/2011
Inspiration: Castiel Tattoo Artist: Rockstar Tattoo in Goose Creek, SC Comment: Major things have happened to me on a Thursday and I like to think Castiel is looking after me.

Billoie - tatt -anti possession.jpg

Name: Billie
Date: Dec, 2, 2011
Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol
Tattoo Artist: Emily at Talon Tattoo Comment: This is a coverup of an old tattoo. As soon as I saw the tattoo on Sam and Dean, I knew I wanted a similar tattoo.

My SPN Tattoo 2.jpg

Name: Jhudz
Date: December 2011
Inspiration: I'm a great fan of Supernatural. I will be SuperHappy when I see mine in your fan gallery.


Name: Jillian
Date: December 2010
Artist: Jeff at Tattoo Station, Milan, TN Inspiration: Anti-possession symbol, Engraving from The Colt


Name: Sam
Date: October 2010
Inspiration: Misha Collins Çomments:' A tattoo over Misha's autograph, that I got at Asylum 5 2010