Father Max Thompson

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Father Thompson.jpg
Name Father Max Thompson
Actor Warren Kimmel
Dates October 12, 1910 – August 5, 1958 (killed by Abaddon)
Occupation Priest
Men of Letters
Episode(s) 8.22 Clip Show


Father Max Thompson believed that since demons were just souls, twisted and corrupted from their time in Hell, that through a ritual of injecting purified blood into the host body and reciting a modified exorcism incantation, the taint could be washed away from the soul and restore their humanity.


8.22 Clip Show

There were only two known recorded attempts at curing demons before Father Thompson's death; the first, an old woman, was a failure when the demon possessing her burst out of her chest, leaving her dead. The second was a man named Peter Kent; possessed by a demon, he was driven to murder and eat his family. After eight hours of injections and being read the purification rites, it appeared that the demon possessing Peter Kent was indeed cured, showing remorse for the actions he committed. Though what happened to the cured demon afterward is unknown, as the tape recording of the session cut-off soon after.

What is known is that at some point demons got word of what Father Thompson was doing, and sent a Knight of HellAbaddon — to kill him on August 5, 1958.