Father Simon

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Father Simon.jpgYoung Father Simon.jpg
Name Father Simon
Actor Donnelly Rhodes
Alessandro Miro (Young Father Simon)
Location St. Louis, Missouri
Occupation Priest
Episode(s) 8.22 Clip Show


As a young priest, Father Simon assisted Father Max Thompson in his first failed attempt to cure a demon.


8.22 Clip Show

While looking through the Men of Letters files for a case detailing a class 5 infernal event, Sam finds a film reel in a the bunker's newly-discovered dungeon. With a movie projector set-up Sam, Dean, and Castiel sit and watch a black and white home movie depicting a young Father Simon and Father Max Thompson being filmed by Josie Sands as they perform an exorcism that goes horribly wrong, causing the demon to explode out of the chest of a possessed woman. While Dean wants to know if there is anymore info on what happened, Sam reveals that while Father Thompson died in 1958. Father Simon is currently a priest in St. Louis and they head off to meet him.

In St. Louis, an older Father Simon speaks with Sam and Dean, and tells them Father Thompson's ideas on demonic possession and the possibility of "curing a demon" is what drew the interest of the Men of Letters. As Sam and Dean question him about whether the possible demon cure actually works, Father Simon tells them he does not know. Telling them that after the demon burst through the possessed woman's chest and escaped into the world, he couldn't stomach attempting the ritual again and left Father Thompson to continue his work on his own. When Sam and Dean ask if Father Simon has any of Father Thompson's records of his experiments, Father Simon obliges and hands them over to Sam and Dean.