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Name Felix
Breed Corn Snake
Owner Noah Ophis (formerly)
Jack Kline (formerly)
Episode(s) 14.14 Ouroboros
14.15 Peace of Mind


Felix was the pet snake of the gorgon Noah Ophis. He did not like bacon.


14.14 Ouroboros

Felix is with Noah as he kills and eats his victims. After Noah is killed, Jack adopts Felix, placing him in a large plastic container in his room in the Men of Letters Bunker. Jack was deeply affected when Noah said he could see Jack's fate, and told him the fable of the black snake and the eggs.

14.15 Peace of Mind

Jack is concerned that Felix isn't eating, and wonders whether he is pining for Noah. He offers him a variety of foods - Dean even suggests bacon. Dean takes Jack to visit Donatello, over concern about how much of his soul Jack lost in defeating Michael. Donatello gives him the advice that, if his soul doesn't guide him, to act based on what he thinks Sam and Dean would do. Back at the Bunker, he tells Felix that he thinks the snake would be happier with Noah. To make that happen he kills the snake, turning it to ash.

14.18 Absence

Castiel reveals to the Winchesters that he has known that Jack is completely soulless since he watched Jack kill Felix. It was an act that was neither good nor evil but rather to get rid of a problem, though Castiel admits that Jack probably saw it as a mercy.