Female Angel

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SPN 0524.jpg
Name Unknown
Actor Jessie Fraser
Dates Before humanity – 2013 (killed by Malachi)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 9.03 I'm No Angel
9.09 Holy Terror


This unnamed angel served as an assistant to Bartholomew.


9.03 I'm No Angel

The female angel, along with a male angel, confront a pair of priests in the night, telling them they are looking for a man they may know named Castiel (the priests are later found by Castiel, eyes burned out and impaled on a fence). The female angel then appears in Bartholomew's office, telling him how, with Reverend Buddy Boyle's influence, angels are finding vessels faster than hoped. She also updates him on the operative they have tracking down Castiel. When a male angel enters the office to tell Bartholomew that the "Dayton operative" has been killed by Castiel, the female angel remarks that Castiel is a madman and dangerous.

9.09 Holy Terror

Bartholomew sends the unnamed angel to the summit he was to have with Malachi to discuss taking back Heaven together. However, according to the female angel, Bartholomew is too busy having amassed a larger following, which requires enormous responsibility on his part. The female angel also remarks that Bartholomew will not lower himself by dealing with "street thugs." Malachi and his people proceed to kill the guards with the female angel and, during her shock at what transpired, Malachi rushes her and stabs her with an angel blade, killing her.